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And it came to pass that you saw and re­acted to The Force Awak­ens.

James Metherell, Face­book I fell in love with the orig­i­nal movies at the age of six. The Force Awak­ens made me feel like that child again.

Ross War­ren, Face­book I’ve seen it four times so far and it’s ev­ery­thing I’d hoped for. It feels like Star Wars, in­tro­duces strong new char­ac­ters and leaves it open to go in very ex­cit­ing di­rec­tions in parts VIII and IX.

Jimithyh, GamesRadar+ I’ve been won­der­ing for years if and when Star Wars will be re­made. It was with The Force Awak­ens.

Mark Howe, Face­book This was a set- up movie to pass the torch to the new gen­er­a­tion. It’s not out there to rein­vent the wheel, but to re­mind the world how great the orig­i­nals were.

James Kins­ley, email So, it starts with some se­cret plans ( sorry, a map) be­ing hid­den in a droid and smug­gled to the Re­bel­lion ( sorry, Re­sis­tance), has a fa­ther/ son “rev­e­la­tion” in the mid­dle part, and ends with Han

Solo sneak­ing into and blow­ing up a shield gen­er­a­tor so some X- wings can blow up a planet- sized laser gun. Don’t get me wrong, as a great­est hits pack­age, it’s SENSATIONAL but I hope they’ve some­thing new up their sleeves for Episode VIII…

Heyzeus7, GamesRadar+ It was def­i­nitely Star Wars, and it def­i­nitely fea­tured JJ Abrams’ strengths as a film­maker: re­lent­less pac­ing, thrilling ac­tion, deft char­ac­ter de­vel­op­ment and emo­tional pay- offs. It also, how­ever, high­lighted JJ’s weak­nesses as a film­maker: plot holes the size of the ( old!) Death Star and smooth repack­ag­ing with­out re­ally in­tro­duc­ing any­thing in­no­va­tive. SFX Now that Star Wars is well and truly back, I’m ex­pect­ing Episode VIII to be some­thing very dif­fer­ent. What’s the point of hir­ing the bril­liant Rian “Looper” John­son to write and di­rect it if you’re just go­ing to make a re­tread of an old movie?

Liam Curry, Face­book Peo­ple are so happy to be back in the galaxy far, far away that they’re obliv­i­ous to the movie’s short­com­ings.

Iain James Wilks, Face­book Re­ally un­der­whelmed by the whole thing. Too many trail­ers left very few sur­prises.

Rus­sell Smith, email I think the level of vi­o­lence has in­creased to a level such that the film can

I hope they’ve some­thing new up their sleeves for Episode VIII

no longer be con­sid­ered to be fam­ily- friendly. It is one thing Stormtroop­ers be­ing felled by lasers as in the orig­i­nal tril­ogy but quite an­other hav­ing blood splat­ters and ex­tended scenes of tor­ture. As with the James Bond films, each pro­ducer feels that mov­ing for­ward re­quires more vi­o­lence, hor­ror and shock. It sad­dens me that “fam­ily- friendly” fran­chises are be­ing drawn away from fam­i­lies. How long will it be be­fore a Star Wars film gets a 15 rat­ing? SFX I don’t think a Star Wars movie will ever get a 15, but the 12A ( and the PG- 13 in the US) has def­i­nitely given block­buster film­mak­ers carte blanche to up the vi­o­lence with­out risk­ing box of­fice. Per­haps they should think about ton­ing it down at times.

Neil Tex Hick­man, Face­book As good as it was to see them, the older char­ac­ters kind of got in the way for me. I wanted to see more Finn, Poe Dameron and Rey.

Jonathan Mock, Face­book Way too much Mark Hamill in it. SFX What do you ex­pect for sec­ond billing in the cred­its?


Ann Ken­ney, email Let me start off by say­ing how much I like Jayne Nel­son; she is an ace writer who loves the same sort of things that I do. That in­cludes the best tele­vi­sion pro­gramme of all time, Su­per­nat­u­ral.

How­ever in this month’s Viewscreen [ SFX 269] Jayne has clearly gone a bit bonkers by stat­ing that Rowena is one of the best fe­male char­ac­ters ever to ap­pear in the show. The best? I be­lieve that she meant the worst! She’s like a pan­tomime vil­lain – I can’t be the only one who feels like shout­ing, “She’s be­hind you!” ev­ery time she ap­pears.

I have never known such a hammy per­for­mance, all mas­sive ges­tures and cod Scot­tish ac­cent – and Ruth Con­nell is Scot­tish which is even more disturbing. I’m never sure if it is the ac­tress’s fault or the di­rec­tors’ but Rowena has brought down the tone of the pro­gramme and man­aged to spoil – what is it? – 13 episodes now. SFX Safe to as­sume you’re not a fan, then?


Harold Okafor- Withers, email It has got to be a thank­less task bring­ing out a trailer for your new movie in the month that Star Wars stole, but Star Trek Beyond’s teaser had me with its open­ing salvo. The Beastie Boys are an awe­some choice to score the first trailer for a Trek movie be­cause they’re so un­ex­pected, a state­ment of in­tent that this is gonna be dif­fer­ent. And blow­ing the crap out of that ugly JJ En­ter­prise? Good rid­dance. I’m hop­ing any fu­ture re­design will be some­thing more aligned with the clas­sic lines of The Mo­tion Pic­ture ver­sion, while still de­liv­er­ing some­thing new and unique.

With the En­ter­prise gone the crew will have to fend for them­selves, so it looks like this en­try in the se­ries is def­i­nitely go­ing to shake things up a bit. SFX After most of the in­ter­net – and even Si­mon Pegg – were crit­i­cal of the trailer, Paramount will be de­lighted it’s struck a chord with some­one! ( I’m op­ti­mistic the movie’s go­ing to be ace too.)


Alan Dom­brow, email I will be sorry to see Clara go. I think Jenna Cole­man is amaz­ing. I might even stop watch­ing now with Clara gone but time will tell. She brought con­vinc­ing, spir­ited en­ergy to the show – bright, beau­ti­ful, know­ing and with a

I might even stop watch­ing Who with Clara gone

ter­rific twin­kle in her eye. She could have her own show – the last Who episode looked like a two- fe­male spin- off is pos­si­ble, so I hope so! All the com­pan­ions since the re­boot have been great, and the next one, plus the writ­ing, might de­ter­mine if I keep watch­ing – not that ad­ver­tis­ers and pro­gramme- mak­ers care about my age group ( I’m 71), even though we have the money! SFX Will Clara be back? That prob­a­bly de­pends on how well Jenna Cole­man’s new Queen Victoria drama does for ITV.

Neil Al­sop, email I’ve just caught up with Doc­tor Who sea­son- closer “Hell Bent”.

To be po­lite, at best it was a te­dious bot­tle episode. To be less than po­lite, it was a com­plete and ut­ter load of old bollocks. The gra­tu­itous res­ur­rec­tion of Clara came as no sur­prise and nei­ther did the poor old Gen­eral hav­ing the po­lar­ity of his neu­tron flow re­versed – though the ap­pear­ance of Ashildr as the last hu­man im­mor­tal at the end of time did spark a lit­tle in­ter­est.

Time for Steven Mof­fat to move on, I think, be­fore he drags a once- great se­ries down even fur­ther and it gets can­celled again, this time per­haps per­ma­nently. SFX Woah there, Neil! I think the chances of Doc­tor Who get­ting can­celled are tiny – espe­cially when you think of the vast amounts of money the Beeb makes from the show. And let’s not for­get, Mof­fat’s sub­lime “Heaven Sent” aired just a week be­fore “Hell Bent”.

# MAS­SIVE DIS­AP­POINT­MENT Pradeep Batura, email Your Mas­sive 2016 Pre­view was a big let- down. Only 10 films to look for­ward to in 2016? I am sure there must be many other films in sci- fi and fan­tasy gen­res too which many peo­ple would pay for. You could have eas­ily given more cov­er­age in­stead of wast­ing so many pages on The X- Files and Agent Carter fea­tures. After all, the 2016 Pre­view was billed as mas­sive by you. More­over, I cer­tainly did not want to see The X- Files on the cover of a pre­view spe­cial. In this man­ner, the dis­ap­point­ments be­gan with the cover it­self. SFX What have you got against The X- Files?! Like you we’re look­ing for­ward to loads more than 10 movies this year – but we did say the ones we listed were the 10 ES­SEN­TIAL ones. And yep, with 40 movies/ TV shows/ books/ comics pre­viewed across 26 pages, we do think it qual­i­fies as mas­sive.

# WE ALSO HEARD FROM Aron Mas­ters, email I re­ally want there to be a Thun­der­Cats live- ac­tion movie. Since the bril­liant Thun­der­Cats car­toon was can­celled, I’ve re­ally wanted to see more – it had a wicked sto­ry­line and wicked char­ac­ters, and would make for an ex­cel­lent live- ac­tion ori­gins story movie. SFX Given Hol­ly­wood’s love of res­ur­rect­ing old fran­chises, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time...

Mike Garner, email Haven has had some stupid pow­ers dur­ing its run but sea­son five’s 22nd episode has the strangest. A hole fill­ing- in power? It can be seen at the end of the episode when Dave is at­tack­ing clocks with a golf club. It can’t be bad con­ti­nu­ity, can it? SFX At last, a su­per­power with prac­ti­cal ev­ery­day ap­pli­ca­tions! We’re still wait­ing for the Tipp- X- Men who elim­i­nate mis­takes. ( Sorry.)

Keith Tu­dor, email I re­ally en­joyed your 50 years of Star Trek fea­ture and time­line in your lat­est is­sue [ SFX 270]. How­ever, in the time­line for 1993 when you list the start date for Deep Space Nine with the pi­lot episode “Emis­sary”, you have in­cluded a pic­ture of Worf and K’Eh­leyr from The Next Gen­er­a­tion sea­son two episode, en­ti­tled “The Emis­sary”. Apolo­gies for be­ing a pedant.

SFX Oops. Hope­fully this pic­ture will make amends.

Andy B, email SFX 269… BEST IS­SUE EVER! Not only did you heed my sage ad­vice from is­sue 266 and adorn the front cover with the ever- de­light­ful Gil­lian An­der­son, but I also scored more than seven points on Blaster­mind for the first time ever. RE­SULT! SFX How did you get on with our “Art And Artists” quiz on p129?

Still the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy.

Han Solo: mas­ter of cat­a­logue poses.

Eye eye, Cap­tain…

The ab­so­lute star of the new film – with Rey.

There’s clearly more to this diner wait­ress than the Doc­tor thought...

The DS9 pi­lot – def­i­nitely!

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