Marvel’s mu­tants face a big blue world- end­ing threat

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The best bits from the X- Men: Apoc­a­lypse trailer, an­a­lysed.

An­cient Egypt – the home turf of En Sabah Nur, aka Apoc­a­lypse. Ex­pect a fair bit of flash­back ac­tion.

Apoc­a­lypse re­cruits four horse­men – Mag­neto, Storm, Archangel and Psy­locke – who at­tack Xavier’s man­sion.

Mys­tique leads the younger X- Men ( and re­turn­ing CIA agent Moira MacTag­gert), but to where and why?

The new( ish) kids on the block: Jean Grey ( Sophie Turner), Nightcrawler ( Kodi SmitMcPhee) and Cy­clops ( Tye Sheri­dan).

Apoc­a­lypse can change size in the comics, but this fight with Xavier is likely tak­ing place on the As­tral Plane.

After cen­turies of slum­ber, the god- like Apoc­a­lypse wakes up to find a planet that no longer wor­ships him, and he’s not best pleased.

Apoc­a­lypse may be a mighty god, but that doesn’t stop him from en­gag­ing in a spot of vil­lain­ous mono­logu­ing.

Wip­ing out hu­man­ity and start­ing afresh is Apoc­a­lypse’s endgame – not too tricky when Storm can cre­ate gi­ant water gey­sers.

A mo­hawk- sport­ing Storm rides in on light­ning. She’s alone and dis­il­lu­sioned at the start of the film, which Apoc­a­lypse ex­ploits.

James McAvoy’s trans­for­ma­tion into Pa­trick Ste­wart is com­plete. He’s even rolling around on the chair from the first film.

Film- stealer Quicksilver re­turns, and he’s up to his old tricks zip­ping around Xavier’s school.

Archangel ( Ben Hardy) un­furls his metal wings and un­leashes a vol­ley of metal dag­gers.

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