Prove to us that you’re dead cul­tured by an­swer­ing this gallery of brain- teasers

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Our most cul­tured quiz ever! Know your art and artists?

ques­tion 1

Which Doc­tor Who story was named after a litho­graph by MC Escher? Which artist painted this movie poster?

ques­tion 3

Ac­cord­ing to Men In Black 3, which artist was ac­tu­ally an MIB co­de­named Agent W?

ques­tion 4

Name the 1973 film in which an artist kills those who’ve wronged him us­ing voodoo paint­ings.

ques­tion 5

Which an­thol­ogy se­ries opened ev­ery episode with an in­tro­duc­tion set in an art gallery?

ques­tion 6

Which TV se­ries fea­tured an artist called Isaac Men­dez? Name this Re­nais­sance pain­ter ( played here by Tom Ri­ley).

ques­tion 8

ques­tion 2 pic­ture ques­tion

ques­tion 7 pic­ture ques­tion

Which Star Trek: The Next Gen­er­a­tion episode fea­tures a col­lec­tor who owns the “Mona Lisa”, Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and Sal­vador Dali’s “The Per­sis­tence Of Mem­ory”?

ques­tion 9

Which in­fa­mous oil paint­ing was the work of a char­ac­ter called Basil Hall­ward?

ques­tion 10

Com­plete this line from Guardians Of The Galaxy: “If I had a black light, this room would look like a ---------------- paint­ing”.

ques­tion 11

The Doc­tor Who story “City Of Death” cen­tres on a plot to steal which fa­mous paint­ing?

ques­tion 12 pic­ture ques­tion

In which film does this sin­is­ter paint­ing ap­pear?

ques­tion 13

In Bat­man ( 1989) the Joker and his goons van­dalise var­i­ous fa­mous paint­ings in an art gallery – but he spares one he likes. Who’s the artist?

ques­tion 14

Name the Swiss artist who pro­vided con­cept de­signs for Alien.

ques­tion 15

Which David Cro­nen­berg film fea­tures a sculp­tor called

Ben­jamin Pierce?

ques­tion 16 pic­ture ques­tion

What’s the name of this paint­ing? Full ti­tle, please!

ques­tion 17

Which TV se­ries has an episode called “Prove­nance”, all about a haunted paint­ing?

ques­tion 18

Com­plete the name of this Star

Wars con­cept artist: Ralph --------.

ques­tion 19

In which 1965 hor­ror film is an art critic men­aced by a dead pain­ter’s dis­em­bod­ied hand?

ques­tion 20

Who played Van Gogh in Doc­tor Who’s “Vin­cent And The Doc­tor”?

Curran Tony 20 Hor­rors Of House Ter­ror’s Dr 19 McQuar­rie 18

Su­per­nat­u­ral 17 More” No Falls Gal­lifrey “16 Scan­ners 15 Giger HR 14 Ba­con Fran­cis 13 2 Ghost­busters 12

Lisa” Mona “The 11 Pol­lock Jack­son 10 Gray Do­rian Of Pic­ture The 9 Toys” Most The “8 De­mons) Vinci’s Da in ( Vinci da Leonardo 7 He­roes 6 Gallery Night 5 Hor­ror Of Vault The 4 Warhol Andy 3 Struzan Drew 2 Cas­trovalva” “1


ques­tion 2

ques­tion 12

ques­tion 7

ques­tion 16

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