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Favourite SF/ fan­tasy films

The Em­pire Strikes Back and Blade Run­ner stand out. I watch Blade Run­ner ev­ery six months or so, and still find out new things about it. And so much of my aes­thetic has been in­flu­enced by Em­pire. There’s this idea that the en­tire movie is just peo­ple telling char­ac­ters to give up on their friends, and then those friends re­fus­ing to do so. I didn’t no­tice that un­til re­cently. Then I re­alised, “Wait a minute, I’ve just de­scribed The Mar­tian as well!”

Favourite SF/ fan­tasy TV show

The X- Files came along when I was in col­lege, and it was like a bomb went off for me. I re­mem­ber where I was sit­ting when Darin Mor­gan’s “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space” aired. It was the first time I re­ally made the con­nec­tion that there’s a unique writer’s voice, and it was hap­pen­ing in this crazy, fear­less show.

Favourite SF/ fan­tasy book

I grew up on Dou­glas Adams – The Hitch­hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy was the big­gest in­flu­ence on me. Grow­ing up in New Mex­ico ev­ery­thing feels for­eign – there’s noth­ing there ex­cept moun­tains and desert. So much of how I view the world in gen­eral came through books and movies, and Hitch­hiker’s felt very Bri­tish. I think that was the ap­peal.

Guilty SF/ fan­tasy plea­sure

I wouldn’t call it guilty be­cause I re­ally be­lieve he is one of the best film­mak­ers of my life, but ev­ery John Car­pen­ter movie. Even the ones I don’t think are as her­alded… There’s just some­thing about Car­pen­ter’s aes­thetic I can’t get enough of.

The Mar­tian is out on Blu- ray and DVD from 8 Fe­bru­ary.

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