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The Be­owulf star on fan­tasy, fenc­ing and the per­ils of fame

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He’s Not the Be­owulf We Know

“He’s more hu­man, in a way, and not in such a rush to get in­volved. The Be­owulf that’s de­picted in the poem has an ar­ro­gance and swag­ger to him.”

A Re­luc­tant Hero

“The no­to­ri­ety of be­ing a fa­mous hard man isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Look at peo­ple like Wild Bill Hickok, who was por­trayed in Dead­wood as a guy who’s sick of peo­ple al­ways try­ing to kill him. Be­owulf has been fa­mous since he was a child be­cause of this thing he did, and that has a knock- on ef­fect.”

North by North- East

“The thing about the Northum­ber­land re­gion is that we have such vast beaches, moun­tain­ous ter­rain and very dense forests. We also have very hearty work­ing crews who are used to the weather. I loved the quarry where we worked, but it could get pretty vi­cious. The wind had a char­ac­ter of its own, espe­cially with all the long hair, cos­tumes and capes. It added an el­e­ment of dan­ger.”

Dab Hand With A Sword

“I’ve fenced since I was nine years old, and have been jump­ing around with wooden sticks and stuff for a lot longer than that. Some­times there wouldn’t be any time to pre­pare, as we had to chore­o­graph and shoot a sword fight within half an hour. But be­cause of all the movies I’ve grown up watch­ing, I had the skills to do that.”

It’s Grim­dark Up North

“A friend rec­om­mended Joe Aber­crom­bie’s The Blade It­self. I en­joyed it so much that I ended up buy­ing it for all my cousins for Christ­mas. So to play a part like this has been won­der­ful.”

Be­owulf is cur­rently screen­ing on ITV.

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