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Stor­age 24 di­rec­tor dares you to open The Other Side Of The Door

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Stephen King’s Pet Semetary. “I’ve al­ways loved ghost sto­ries,” Roberts says. “Doors are such a big part of hor­ror, as what’s on the other side is al­ways such a big thing.”

Also tak­ing in­spi­ra­tion from Asian hor­rors like The Ring and The Grudge, Roberts be­lieves that In­dia is a rel­a­tively un­ex­plored cin­e­matic lo­ca­tion. “There’s a vil­lage in the south called Bhangarh, which is ap­par­ently the most haunted place in the world,” he says. “The vil­lagers all dis­ap­peared and even to­day no­body knows what hap­pened to them. The vil­lage it­self is fenced off and there’s a sign out­side say­ing, ‘ Don’t en­ter after dark be­cause the ghosts of the dead walk the vil­lage.’ I just thought, ‘ Wow, what a crazy place,’ and I thought it would make for an in­ter­est­ing story to put a Western cou­ple among all that mad­ness.”

The Other Side Of The Door opens on 18 March.

Young Logan Cr­eran plays the boy who comes back.

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