Time for an­swers

Things are about to get com­pli­cated in 12 Mon­keys’ sec­ond sea­son...

SFX - - Red Alert -

12 Mon­keys fin­ished up its first year with a jaw- drop­per of a fi­nale. A mor­tally wounded Cas­san­dra “Cassie” Railly was sent to 2043 so Dr Jones could save her. How­ever, Dea­con and the Army of the 12 Mon­keys had stormed the tem­po­ral fa­cil­ity and taken over. Cole and Ramse are now stuck in the present day with no means of time travel. And the un­pre­dictable Jen­nifer Goines pos­sesses vials of a dis­ease that could po­ten­tially wipe out mankind. In other words: a per­fect storm of po­ten­tially civil­i­sa­tion- de­stroy­ing hor­rors.

“Sea­son two picks up a few months after the events of the fi­nale in the present day and in 2043, roughly where we left off with Cassie hav­ing just ar­rived,” says ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer Terry Mata­las. “Some an­swers we get into right away are: what will Cole and Ramse’s re­la­tion­ship be after last year’s be­trayal and how will that change the way Railly feels about Cole? We’ll learn Jen­nifer’s plan for the virus and we’ll learn just what the 12 Mes­sen­gers in hoods and flaky skin wanted with our tem­po­ral fa­cil­ity. And there’s much more.”

But the se­ries is also set to com­pli­cate its tan­gled plot fur­ther. “We’ll learn that the plague was only part of the 12 Mon­keys’ plan,” adds Mata­las, in­trigu­ingly sug­gest­ing more lay­ers than Terry Gil­liam’s orig­i­nal film. “There are many agen­das at play… in­clud­ing some­thing we’ve heard of be­fore: the Red For­est.”

12 Mon­keys sea­son two airs in April on Syfy in the UK and US.

Some peo­ple just don’t take well to artis­tic crit­i­cism.

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