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SFX - - First Contact -

Char­lotte Biggs This’ll be Marvel’s first movie with a fe­male hero in the ti­tle – why not make the main bad­die fe­male?

Andy Brown Make sure Ant- Man and the Wasp re­ally do have equal billing in the film.

Ja­son Barker The flash­backs and archive footage of the orig­i­nal Ant- Man in ac­tion made me want to see more. More of those please!

Rob Smith Don’t over­load the movie with Avengers. Keep this sep­a­rate, and save the team- ups for Civil War. Daniel Jake A bet­ter name! To­ria A ti­tle that doesn’t morph into Pinky And The Brain ev­ery time I see it would be good.

Keith Heeney Ant- Man and the Wasp to face their worst night­mare… the Ex­Ter­mi­na­tor, played by Arnie, of course!

Jonathan Har­vey A Wasp with wings and stingers, a de­cent vil­lain and a Gi­ant- Man ap­pear­ance!

Kevin Biggs Vil­lain- wise, I’d love to see Whirl­wind.

torsten- scheib An amended/ MCU’d ver­sion of Eric O’Grady! Make him a Hy­dra agent, let him steal the Ant- Man tech­nol­ogy and then see where that goes. Not only in terms of shrink­ing but of en­larg­ing. Gi­ant ants on the streets of San Fran­cisco!

Medi­umA­tomicWeight Ant- Man was Mar­vel­lous fun, so let’s have a fun foe for the fol­low- up – Eg­ghead should do the job nicely!

Laura Walker Bring Antony back from the dead! Fail­ing that, find an An­to­nia.

Will Evans More “messed up dogs” please!

Ed Vaughn The tone of the first one was what made it. Keep it silly.

Tom Richard­son If they’re do­ing flash­backs, make sure they get the de- aged Michael Dou­glas right.

Deb Gal­lagher More from the Quan­tum Realm.

Jeff Barry Have fun with char­ac­ters con­stantly chang­ing size – there’s so much po­ten­tial for to­tally unique ac­tion se­quences.

Paul Saun­ders Teach Ant- Man how to con­trol la­dy­birds.

Jane Mor­ris Get Edgar Wright in to di­rect it.



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