Top 10 Moments

These were so hard to whit­tle down we al­most had to blind­fold our­selves and point at our mas­ter list with a stick. Here are the ones we found most wor­thy...

SFX - - Game Of Thrones - Jayne Nel­son

Daen­erys Frees The Un­sul­lied

“And Now His Watch Has Ended” 3.04

Daen­erys has had a moral wob­ble. She’s just bought an 8,000 strong army of slaves to help her win her quest, and she even traded one of her dragons to do so. No, Dany, no! But then… psych! She doesn’t so much turn the ta­bles as an­ni­hi­late them, re­veal­ing that she was dou­ble- cross­ing the slave trader all along, free­ing the army and un­leash­ing hell­fire. Stun­ning.

Tyrion Ral­lies The Troops

“Black­wa­ter” 2.09

King Jof­frey’s as much use to his troops here as a choco­late teapot, and so Tyrion steps for­ward to rally them for bat­tle. “We’ll come out be­hind them and f** k them in their ar­ses,” he yells, then while we’re snig­ger­ing at that, he goes on to prove his leg­endary way with words can in­cite death and glory. “Those are brave men knock­ing at our door. Let’s go kill them!” And so they do.

The Bat­tle Of Hard­home

“Hard­home” 5.08

The White Walk­ers launch a bru­tal as­sault on the wildling town of Hard­home. It’s hard to know which bits of this bat­tle are the most ex­cit­ing: the pres­sure build­ing at the wall as the crea­tures pile up be­hind it; the gi­ants stomp­ing on hu­mans; poor Karsi com­ing face- to- face with a group of undead chil­dren be­fore be­ing killed and re­born as a Walker her­self… So. Much. Ten­sion.

Daen­erys And The Dragons

“Fire And Blood” 1.10

If there was one thing miss­ing from sea­son one of Game Of Thrones, it was dragons. And then this hap­pened. Daen­erys, who had ba­si­cally stum­bled from one dis­as­ter to an­other since join­ing the Dothraki, fi­nally, beau­ti­fully ce­mented her des­tiny as some­one spe­cial by not only sur­viv­ing a burial fire but also hatch­ing three weeny beast­ies from her beloved dragon eggs. What a ma­jes­tic birth it was.

Jaime Tells His Story To Bri­enne

“Kissed By Fire” 3.05

Jaime Lan­nis­ter is a bad guy, a mur­derer and a rapist. But noth­ing’s ever sim­ple in

Game Of Thrones, and here’s a mo­ment of vul­ner­a­bil­ity from the Kingslayer, as he tells his new sort- of- friend Bri­enne how he earned that bloody nick­name. Amaz­ingly, he was ac­tu­ally sav­ing lives. “My name is Jaime,” he in­sists. Quiet, mas­ter­ful char­ac­ter- build­ing: a sig­na­ture of this show.

Good­bye, Jon Snow

“Mother’s Mercy” 5.10

Thanks to his per­ma­nent sta­tus as the put- upon, grumpy- faced ac­tion- hero who “knows noth­ing”, Jon Snow was some­thing of a Game Of Thrones icon by the time he met his fate here ( pos­si­bly – sea­son six ru­mours notwith­stand­ing). Be­trayed by his Watch- broth­ers, most no­tably lit­tle Olly ( boo, hiss), this was a truly shock­ing and yet some­how in­evitable fi­nale to the show’s fifth sea­son.

Oberyn Vs Gre­gor

“The Moun­tain And The Viper” 4.08

“My name is Oberyn Martell. You killed my sis­ter. Pre­pare to die.” Well, okay, maybe Oberyn ( aka the Viper) didn’t ac­tu­ally say that, but we were all think­ing it dur­ing this deadly cat- and- mouse game of a bat­tle. And just when we think Oberyn has beaten Gre­gor Cle­gane ( aka the Moun­tain), poor Oberyn sud­denly gets a crush­ing headache. This show knows how to shock, eh?

Of With His Head

“Baelor” 1.09

Sure, Sean Bean dies in ev­ery­thing he films, and sure, read­ers of Ge­orge RR Martin’s books knew he was go­ing to die here, too, but some­how it was hard to be­lieve it would ac­tu­ally hap­pen. Ned was like­able, hon­ourable, brave and larger- thanlife, and the fact his head was lopped off in front of his own chil­dren was gasp- out­loud shock­ing. Boy, if we’d only known what was still to come…

Cer­sei’s Walk Of Shame

“Mother’s Mercy” 5.10

She’s a mur­der­ous, back- stab­bing, bitchy, hiss­ing snake, and yet, some­how, you find your­self ac­tu­ally feel­ing sorry for Cer­sei Lan­nis­ter here. Forced to walk naked through King’s Land­ing as crowds at­tack, ha­rass and in­sult her, just watch­ing this scene will bring you out in a cold sweat. Lena Headey de­serves ev­ery award go­ing; we can’t even imag­ine how hard it was to film.

The Red Wed­ding

“The Rains Of Cas­tamere” 3.09

Grue­some, tragic and un­bear­ably cruel, this sea of car­nage is surely one of the most ter­ri­fy­ing se­quences ever to air on Amer­i­can tele­vi­sion. We liked Robb! We

liked Tal­isa! We liked Cate­lyn! And yet here they were, bru­tally, cold- blood­edly slain, and with no punches pulled ( you know the bit we mean – that poor un­born baby…). Star­tling, dev­as­tat­ing drama, it was hor­rific enough to go down in TV his­tory.

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