We know noth­ing, Jon Snow!

So what’s the deal with our fallen Night’s Watch man?

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Jon Snow is dead. Or is he? Kit Har­ing­ton all but con­firmed that Jon is back for good while on the promo trail re­cently: “Let’s just say that

Game Of Thrones will re­main a part of my life for a while,” he said. “I’ll prob­a­bly be in my thir­ties when it’s over.”

That ad­mis­sion, cou­pled with the fact that he’s been spot­ted shoot­ing bat­tle scenes ( ap­par­ently wear­ing Stark ar­mour and lead­ing an army com­prised of Um­bers and other North­ern houses), begs the ques­tion: how the hell did Jon sur­vive the night of the knives?

There are a few op­tions: first – and most likely, in our es­ti­ma­tion – is that Melisan­dre sum­mons the power of R’hllor and res­ur­rects Jon, much as Thoros of Myr did for the ex­tremely dead Beric Don­dar­rion.

If res­ur­rec­tion is out, then there’s ev­ery chance nat­u­ral Warg Jon slipped his con­scious­ness into his di­re­wolf Ghost. A quick bit of magic and hey presto, new Jon Snow, although Game Of

Thrones isn’t a show known for its con­se­quence- free sor­cery.

Don’t rule out some­thing al­to­gether weirder: maybe the Wall it­self saves him some­how, a mix­ture of an­cient magic and proto- cryo­gen­ics. Or Wun Wun gives him mouth to mouth.

What­ever hap­pens, we’re ir­re­vo­ca­bly drawn to the Night’s Watch vow: “Night gath­ers, and now my watch be­gins. It shall not end un­til my death.” If Jon has died and come back, does that free him from the Watch? Be­cause if it does, well, it’s about to get ex­tremely real in the north of Wes­teros…

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