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Di­rec­tor Tim Miller talks Colos­sus, Dead­pool’s X- Man- in- res­i­dence

Does Colos­sus feel like con­nec­tive tis­sue to the big­ger X- Men uni­verse?

I know it prob­a­bly looks strate­gic – and maybe it was. I never asked Rhett [ Reese] and Paul [ Wernick – the writ­ers] if they did that be­cause they wanted to as­so­ciate them­selves with the larger X- Men fran­chise. In the comics Dead­pool gen­er­ally moves through the world of the X- Men, mu­tants and so on, so he’s kind of in that world nat­u­rally. I fig­ured they orig­i­nally chose Colos­sus be­cause he’s the per­fect straight man. Even in the comics he’s al­ways this morally upright, squeaky clean sort of a guy, and that makes him the per­fect foil for Dead­pool.

Was he an ef­fects chal­lenge?

He’s CG all the time in the movie. He’s never hu­man. So yeah, he’s a huge ef­fects chal­lenge. He’s prob­a­bly one of the big­gest parts of the vis­ual ef­fects bud­get. And it was al­ways writ­ten that way, that he was a big metal guy the whole time. In my mind I re­ally wanted to see Colos­sus the way he is in the comics, which is a be­he­moth of metal that’s just this gi­ant pow­er­house. He had to be huge and there was no way we were go­ing to do that with the real ac­tor.

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