Su­per­man The Movie

( 1978)

SFX - - Richard Donner -

It ended up be­ing a turn­ing point of my life. I was brought up on Su­per­man. But when they sent the script to me, I read it, and my first re­ac­tion was, “They’re de­stroy­ing an Amer­i­can hero.” It was al­most a com­edy. [ Screen­writer] Tom Mankiewicz and I sat down and there were two things we de­cided it had to be. One was you re­ally had to be­lieve a man can fly. The ef­fects had to be fan­tas­tic. The other thing we said was, “It’s gotta be a love story. There’s gotta be some sort of un­re­quited love.” Be­cause you want to care about these peo­ple. We wanted them to have their own hu­man­i­ties. They had a re­al­ity and we had to stay within it. It could be funny, but it had to be straight… Su­per­man per­son­i­fies hope. He’s as pure as the day is long, to the ex­tent of be­ing a to­tal square. That’s the beauty of it. When I hear Don­ald Trump talk­ing on tele­vi­sion, which I try not to do, I think, “Oh my god. This is the kind of evil that Su­per­man was put on Earth to elim­i­nate!” But Su­per­man’s so hon­est, he’ll go on for­ever and ever and ever.

If we were Richard Don­ner we would have kept that news­pa­per.

Red, white and blue. And a bit of yel­low.

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