The Omen

SFX - - Richard Donner -

Lee Remick falls from a bal­cony… It was a very low- bud­get film, so ev­ery­thing we did we pre­pared well in ad­vance. We were go­ing to put her in a body har­ness at­tached to a crane. But she said, “My hus­band is an as­sis­tant di­rec­tor and he said none of these things are fool­proof. I’m not do­ing it.” I said, “It shoots to­mor­row!” John Richards, the spe­cial ef­fects guy, said, “There’s some­thing I’ve al­ways wanted to try…” We ended up putting the floor on the wall. We put Lee on a dolly on the floor in front of the cam­era, and the dolly had a lit­tle turntable. She starts with her face right up against the lens. As we dolly her away she flails her arms and we turn the turntable so it goes right up against the wall. As it stops — bang! — we cut to the real floor. We did the last three- inch drop of her face, be­cause she was in the fore­ground.

Gregory Peck and David Warner dis­cover that grave­yards are def­i­nitely creepy.

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