The Twi­light Zone: “Night­mare At 20,000 Feet”


SFX - - Richard Donner -

The things I re­mem­ber were the dif­fi­cul­ties in mak­ing it. We shot those episodes in three days. But on that one, on the after­noon of the sec­ond day, they told us we had to fin­ish that day. I said, “You’re crazy.” We were on a mo­tion pic­ture stage at MGM, and the stu­dio had a fea­ture that wanted that stage be­cause it was an air­plane stage. We were told that the fol­low­ing morn­ing they were mov­ing in. We worked all night fin­ish­ing that show. I mean, lit­er­ally all night. I think we fin­ished when the sun came up. We had to fin­ish, or we were thrown out… It was a great group of peo­ple to work with. It was a chal­lenge, it was fun, it was won­der­ful. I loved Bill Shat­ner, I loved the whole cast, and we had a good time mak­ing it.

Bill re­mem­bers he’s also for­got­ten his mis­sus’s birth­day.

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