The Omen

( 1976)

SFX - - Richard Donner -

That was a “mystery- sus­pense thriller” [ laughs]. I’ll tell you some­thing – if it was a hor­ror film, I couldn’t have got­ten it made. Be­cause no­body wanted to make a hor­ror film. But it was pitched to Fox pro­ducer Alan Ladd by me – he was the head of the stu­dio, a great guy – that we wanted to make a mystery- sus­pense thriller. He read it, and he said, “You got the go.” We never would have got Gregory Peck if we’d said, “This is a hor­ror film.” So we treated it like, “How could all these things ever hap­pen to any­body in one day? It had to be in­san­ity.” That’s how we got it made.

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