Sur­viv­ing A Zom­bie Apoc­a­lypse

Cast and crew share pro- tips on stay­ing a live in a Walker- infested world!

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Nor­man Ree­dus

( Daryl Dixon) Make friends. I think you’re def­i­nitely safer in a group than you are by your­self. There’s def­i­nitely safety in num­bers.

Greg Nic­totero

( Ex­ec­u­tive Pro­ducer/ Spe­cial Ef­fects Make- up) Ev­ery­one’s like, “Where would you go?” You gotta go some­where where no one else will go, so go to your den­tist. Or go to my shop [ laughs]. Go to my shop in Los An­ge­les and I’ll make you up as a zom­bie, and you’ll be fine. Be­cause you’ll look just like the zom­bies. The zom­bies will go, “Eh, fuck it…”

Denise Huth

( Co- Ex­ec­u­tive Pro­ducer) Weapons are a good thing to have, and it’s good to stock­pile food. You need water, you need guns, and you need other peo­ple. Don’t try to do it on your own, or you’ll go crazy for sure. That’s the key to the sur­vival of our char­ac­ters — they didn’t know each other be­fore it started but they would die for each other, and that’s how they’ve all stayed alive.

Dar­rell Pritch­ett

( Spe­cial Ef­fects Su­per­vi­sor) Find a place to hide. And get your hands on a case of dy­na­mite.

Gale Ann e Hurd

( Ex­ec­u­tive Pro­ducer) My per­sonal ad­vice is if you be­come al­lies with some­one like our core group of sur­vivors — whether it’s Carol or Rick or Mi­chonne or Abra­ham or Daryl, even Mag­gie and Glenn — you’re in pretty good hands. It re­ally is about form­ing a com­mu­nity you can trust in or­der to sur­vive. Pick the right friends.

Lau­ren Co­han

( Mag­gie Greene) Just want it. Just want to live. Just want it enough that you’ll do what you need to do. If it was re­ally the end of the world… When we first started the show, I used to think, “Well, al­right, if it’s over, it’s over. Just go do some­thing that you en­joy for a few min­utes, then say bye- bye.” Now I’m like, “Screw that shit. I am not go­ing with­out a fight.” You know what to do, we all know what to do.

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