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In its sixth year how has your re­la­tion­ship with the show changed?

I get these strange pock­ets of nos­tal­gia for when the show was smaller, when there were just a cou­ple of us. I started in sea­son two but that still feels like a long, long time ago. But so many things have not changed. I mean there’s been so much con­sis­tency with the union we have. We’ve all talked about how close we are as a cast, and that just never, never fal­ters. We’re just very, very tight- knit, and very much in line with how we want to tell the story, and how we want to keep this en­vi­ron­ment real.

We’ve heard there’s a lot more ac­tion in the sec­ond half of this sea­son.

To have this scale of ac­tion hap­pen­ing... It’s much more like an ac­tion movie within the very real world of these very tested, strug­gling char­ac­ters. Yeah, it’s sort of like an ab­so­lute ex­plo­sion. It’s a bat­tle.

What are the big­gest dif­fer­ences be­tween Mag­gie in sea­son six and Mag­gie a cou­ple of sea­sons ago?

There’s been a re­ally slow step­ping into what you need in this world, in my mind, for her. The most mon­u­men­tal changes hap­pen for her this sea­son. It’s hard for me to speak to that right now, but it’s been ex­cit­ing to play be­cause that’s been just a meta­mor­pho­sis. The funny thing that comes up through this sea­son is the jus­ti­fi­ca­tions that you make to pro­tect your own and how that moral com­pass wa­vers some­times, de­pend­ing on the sit­u­a­tion. It’s been so beau­ti­fully bar­baric, ac­tu­ally, be­cause like ev­ery year, you have that war be­tween your mind and what the gut wants, which is sur­vival and to pro­tect your fam­ily and the peo­ple you love.

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