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Doc­tor Who

Ever since 50th an­niver­sary spe­cial “The Day Of The Doc­tor”, the shapeshift­ing Zy­gons have been liv­ing among us in hu­man form. A deal that was go­ing so well un­til last se­ries’ two- parter “The Zy­gon In­va­sion/ In­ver­sion”.

Men In Black

It’s the world’s best/ worst kept se­cret: aliens live on Earth thanks to the su­per­vi­sion – and con­stant mem­ory-wip­ing – of a sharply- dressed, gov­ern­ment or­gan­i­sa­tion.

Dis­trict 9

Neill Blomkamp’s 2009 film saw aliens – nick­named “prawns” – be­ing forced to live in the slums of Jo­han­nes­burg: a brac­ing take on South Africa’s his­tory of apartheid.

Alien Na­tion

This ’ 80s cult clas­sic is an early ex­am­ple of the aliens- as- im­mi­grants al­le­gory – as LA tries to cope with a race of en­slaved aliens tellingly called “The New­com­ers”.


This Syfy se­ries sees sev­eral races of aliens – known col­lec­tively as Vo­tons – seek asy­lum on an Earth they as­sumed was un­in­hab­ited. Set 33 years later, with the planet rav­aged, they now co- ex­ist in the ru­ins of St Louis.

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