“It’s not like I love be­ing evil...” Miles Teller is Peter

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Peter seems to switch be­tween good and bad a lot. Does he fi­nally re­deem him­self in Al­le­giant?

Yeah he does. And then he kinda unre­deems him­self. It’s the eter­nal para­dox of Peter.

Where do we find him in this film?

They all find out that ev­ery­thing was built for them, that they’re just part of this ex­per­i­ment to see how society would con­duct it­self. And yeah, at this point they’re all try­ing to align them­selves and fig­ure out their im­por­tance in this world. Peter is al­ways look­ing out for him­self. In the last one he was with Kate Winslet’s char­ac­ter be­cause he felt like she was in this po­si­tion of power. Peter’s al­ways thought very highly of him­self. In this one he’s try­ing to align him­self with [ Four’s mother] Evelyn, who now rules Chicago.

Which Peter do you find more in­ter­est­ing to play –

good or bad?

I just like the fact that he’s in­ter­est­ing. I like the kind of un­cer­tainty of it. It’s like if you’re watch­ing some kind of an­i­mal that’s in­tim­i­dated and you’re not sure if it’s go­ing to bite you or let you pet it. It’s not like I love be­ing evil. But I like that in the story some­times it seems I’m go­ing to do one thing but then I’m able to do an­other thing.

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