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re­leased 15 Fe­bru­ary 2015 | 15 | DVD

Di­rec­tor Ja­son Bog­nacki

Cast Paulie Red­ding, Maria Olsen,

Nancy Wolfe, David Landry

One- man- band ex­per­i­men­tal­ist Ja­son Bog­nacki’s de­but has been com­pared to Dario Ar­gento’s work, but a bet­ter ref­er­ence point would be an­other Euro film­maker: the no­to­ri­ously hit- and- miss Jess Franco.

It’s unashamedly style over sub­stance, with prac­ti­cally ev­ery scene fea­tur­ing dis­torted mir­ror re­flec­tions, close- ups of eye­balls, or por­ten­tous slow- mo. There should be some sort of tax on us­ing the lat­ter to lend a sheen of sig­nif­i­cance as much as is at­tempted here.

What lit­tle plot is dis­cernible con­cerns Jor­dyn ( Paulie Red­ding). Res­cued as a baby and raised by one witch, on turn­ing 18 she finds her­self in dan­ger of be­ing pos­sessed by an­other ( her mother).

The main thing this frus­trat­ing film has go­ing for it is the strik­ing casting: Au­drey Hep­burn- alike Red­ding has bone struc­ture to die for, Nancy Wolfe’s good witch has a cap­ti­vat­ing hun­dred- Benson-&Hedges- a- day croak, and bad witch Maria Olsen gamely al­lows her prom­i­nent gums to be em­pha­sised to the point where she re­sem­bles a Lon Chaney cre­ation.

Ex­tras A be­hind- the- scenes piece. Ian Ber­ri­man

The baby Jor­dyn fea­tured in the flash­backs is ac­tu­ally a boy – di­rec­tor Ja­son Bog­nacki’s then new- born son.

Carol’s Face­book pic­ture wasn’t the best.

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