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FALL­ING SKIES SEA­SON FIVE ( out now, DVD) sees the hu­mans-vs- alien­in­vaders show bow out. High­light: Colin Cun­ning­ham’s bad boy Pope go­ing full- on nut­zoid as his dis­dain for Noah Wyle’s re­sis­tance leader boils over into venge­ful ha­tred. Low­light: the fi­nale, which plays out like a videogame end-of- lev­el­boss en­counter. Wyle also starred in the ’ 00s TV movies now spun off into Syfy’s THE LI­BRAR­I­ANS SEA­SON ONE ( out now, DVD). X- Men’s Rebecca Romijn and An­gel’s Christian Kane are amongst the team hunt­ing down fan­tas­ti­cal arte­facts – hang on, wasn’t that Ware­house 13’ s pitch? It’s goofy, light­weight, fam­ily- friendly fun – the sort of ad­ven­ture show it’s hard to make time for nowa­days. Mean­while, Z NA­TION SEA­SON TWO ( out now, DVD) sees the he­roes of the Syfy zom­com show con­tin­u­ing their mis­sion to get vac­cine- car­rier Murphy to a CDC lab, de­liv­er­ing ori­gin sto­ries for the char­ac­ters, and en­coun­ters with wacky stuff like zom­bie/ plant hy­brids and a fly­ing saucer. It’s no Walk­ing Dead, but it’s far bet­ter than you’d ex­pect from a low- bud­get The Asy­lum pro­duc­tion. Fi­nally, there was re­ally no need for EX­TANT SEA­SON TWO ( out now, Blu- ray/ DVD), cos sea­son one of this AI- meets- Species se­ries said ev­ery­thing it needed to say – mainly, “this shouldn’t get a sec­ond se­ries”. ER’s Goran Vis­njic wisely dies straight away, in episode one, leav­ing Su­per­nat­u­ral’s Jef­frey Dean Mor­gan to help Halle Berry and her an­droid son stop a cor­rupt gov­ern­ment killing mis­un­der­stood aliens.

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