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1 Hope­fully you’ll have bet­ter luck, Game Of Thrones fans, but we had a rot­ten time of it with this Iron Throne Room Con­struc­tion Set ( FPI price £ 29.99; prod­uct code D3891). We got about half­way through as­sem­bling its 314 pieces, then re­alised that a vi­tal piece was miss­ing, while an­other was du­pli­cated. Gah! The plas­tic it’s made from is an­noy­ing too – ei­ther fin­ger- bleed­ingly brit­tle, or too rub­bery to make a clean con­nec­tion. We’ll prob­a­bly stick to Lego in fu­ture.

2 An­other month, an­other chance for boogey­men to be turned into cutesy­fied vinyl col­lecta­bles. These Dorbz hor­ror fig­ures ( FPI price £ 8.99 each; prod­uct codes D4215, D4216, D4218) see Ja­son Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and Leather­face turned into spher­i­cal- headed pop­pets sport­ing be­nign grins. Well, we say be­nign… ac­tu­ally, it does look creep­ily like each one is chuck­ling at the mem­ory of a par­tic­u­larly amus­ing de­cap­i­ta­tion or chain­saw dis­mem­ber­ment. A Pin­head fig­ure is also avail­able. 3 Two more ad­di­tions to Funko’s plush range of Star Wars Fabrika­tions here ( FPI price £ 16.99 each; prod­uct codes D3880, D3881), in the shape of Leia and Wicket the Ewok. Both are ex­tremely cute. Not sure about Leia’s rosy cheeks ei­ther, which make it look like she’s been us­ing blusher. Both come with weapons stitched to their mitts, but if you’re plan­ning to give these to lit­tle ’ uns and don’t ap­prove then you should, with a lit­tle care, be able to snip them off.

4 These Sonic Screw­driver bar­be­cue tongs ( FPI price £ 28.99; prod­uct code D1666) look hi­lar­i­ous at first sight – like a prop for a Who episode

where our hero gets shrunk to doll size. The ac­tual tongs are hid­den un­der a plas­tic screw­driver- body sheath. The han­dles are still made of plas­tic, though: we’d be wary of melt­age at any hot meat knees- up! To fur­ther add to the health and safety haz­ards, you might hit the sound ef­fect but­ton while flip­ping your burger and get dis­tracted.

5 These hard­back Game Of

Thrones jour­nals ( FPI price £ 10.99 each; prod­uct codes D4442, D4445, D4448, D4449) are sur­pris­ingly taste­ful. Each fea­tures 192 pages of lined, acid- free pa­per, with in­te­grated book­mark, elas­tic clo­sure and back pocket. You can choose from four de­signs: black and sil­ver Iron Throne; Ned’s Hand of the King brooch; one that looks a bit like a door in­scribed with “Valar Morghulis”, and – our per­sonal favourite – a smart black and sil­ver Night’s Watch de­sign that de­picts the Wall on the front and the Black Brother’s oath on the back.

6 You’ll be­lieve a cat can fly – well, sit there mo­tion­less while be­ing squished, per­haps – with this plush Streaky ( FPI price £ 13.99; prod­uct code C6996). It may look like an an­cient Abo­rig­i­nal totem ob­ject but in fact it’s a faith­ful replica of Su­per­girl’s pet kitty as he looks in DC’s all- ages Su­per- Pets comic, based on Art Bal­tazar’s il­lus­tra­tions ( a Krypto the Su­per­dog is due in April). Re­quires Kryp­tonite- lined lit­ter tray ( not in­cluded).

7 How does Kylo Ren eat? We’re as­sum­ing his First Or­der of business is re­mov­ing his mask, but after that, the Force Awak­ens bad­die prob­a­bly makes a bee­line for these lightsaber chop­sticks ( FPI price £ 10.99; prod­uct code D3738). The broadsword hilt ar­guably makes these the most un­wieldy of the nu­mer­ous lightsaber chop­sticks out there – there’s a lot of weight at the top end that can un­bal­ance the novice chop­stick user – but if shov­el­ling noo­dles into your mouth proves a strug­gle, you do at least have an ex­cuse for throw­ing a Ren- style strop.

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