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Best mo­ment

In “The Last Laugh” ( 2.03) a smear of blood fi­nally gives Jerome the clas­sic ric­tus smile of the Joker. Who’s laugh­ing now?


“Scar­i­fi­ca­tion” in­tro­duces us to a young, fe­male take on Fire­fly, the flame- wield­ing DC vil­lain first seen in De­tec­tive Comics 184, way back in 1952.

Best Episode

“The Last Laugh”: Gotham plays its Joker as Jerome takes cen­trestage at a gala. The clever, creepy coda hints the true clown prince of crime is com­ing...

Best di­a­logue

Gala­van to Tabitha: “If you’re feel­ing up­set find a nice li­brar­ian to tor­ture. That al­ways cheers you up.”

It’s wossisname!

Yes, that’s the un­mis­tak­able bonce of Michael Chik­lis, here play­ing new GCPD cap­tain Nathaniel Barnes. You’ll know him from Fan­tas­tic Four and The Shield, where he also led a strike­force...

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