Da Vinci’s De­mons

Re­li­gious war with a punky twist

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UK Broad­cast Fox UK, fin­ished

US Broad­cast Starz, fin­ished

Episodes Re­viewed 3.01- 3.10

The story so far: for two sea­sons LEONARDO has been part-Re­nais­sance su­per­hero/ part Re­nais­sance- era Mof­fat- style Sher­lock who can build su­per in­ven­tions overnight and work stuff out real fast. It’s all been jolly hi- jinks and In­di­ana Jones styles ad­ven­ture. But now two new threats have ar­rived: the Ot­toman army – who have some­how nicked all the de­signs for his in­ven­tions – and a new showrun­ner who’s con­vinced ev­ery­one that Da Vinci’s De­mons must be a se­ri­ous drama.

LEO The Ot­tomans have my tanks. Italy is doomed. Ex­cuse me while I get de­pressed for half the sea­son.

THE OT­TOMANS Ex­cuse us while we kill both your par­ents so you can do some real angsty act­ing.

LEO “To be or not to be… Is this a clock­work dag­ger I see be­fore me, its on- switch to­wards my con­stantly twitch­ing fin­ger?”

ZORASTER ( Leo’s best MATE) Ex­cuse me while I act like a blokey, jokey, rem­nant from the old sea­sons and kick Leo up the arse for be­ing a navel- gazing show- off. IN­VENT SOME­THING TO BEAT THE TURKS, YOU DOLT!

Mean­while in Rome, the false Pope eats ba­bies and kicks pup­pies while a new re­li­gious cult, the Labyrinth – un­der the guid­ance of the Ar­chi­tect – brain­washes Riario.

RIARIO Mum­ble, mum­ble, mum­ble.

THE AR­CHI­TECT You were nearly heroic last sea­son so we’ll scram­ble your brain so you can be ran­domly evil all over again.

RIARIO Mum­ble, mum­ble, mum­ble.

THE AR­CHI­TECT Yes, you carry on mum­bling while I try to work out if all this stuff about “Labyrinth” and “Ar­chi­tect” is a bizarre Ma­trix ref­er­ence.

Mean­while in the writ­ers’ room…

NEW SHOWRUN­NER Good drama is all about fam­ily. Ev­ery­one must have a mummy and/ or daddy is­sue. Even the mum­mies and dad­dies! Ex­cept

Lorenzo. He can be cap­tured and tor­tured again. Be­cause tor­ture porn is good drama too. In fact, tor­ture EV­ERY­ONE!

OTHER WRIT­ERS Isn’t this all get­ting a bit samey?

NEW SHOWRUN­NER Hmmm, maybe. You know what we re­ally need? The re­turn of Vlad the Im­paler!

OTHER WRIT­ERS Isn’t he one of the cheesy, silly el­e­ments from sea­son one we’re try­ing to get away from?

NEW SHOWRUN­NER Maybe we can give him fam­ily is­sues?

OTHER WRIT­ERS This needs to end… NOW!

Back in the plot, Leo gets it to­gether and de­feats the Ot­toman em­pire with a light­ning ma­chine.

THE END Dave Golder

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