Ex­ec­u­tive Pro­ducer Emily Andras tells all about Wild West mashup Wynonna Earp

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De­mon hunter Wynonna Earp is mov­ing from comics to telly.

Move over Ash, the Winch­ester brothers stand down... There’s a new gun­sling­ing de­mon hunter in town and her name is Wynonna Earp.

Based on IDW Pub­lish­ing’s comic of the same name, the new TV se­ries from Syfy finds Wyatt Earp’s great grand­daugh­ter work­ing as a mem­ber of a covert divi­sion of the US Mar­shals cre­ated to com­bat all the things that go bump in the night. When Wynonna, played by Me­lanie Scro­fano, re­turns to her home­town of Pur­ga­tory, she must con­front her past, fam­ily legacy and the su­per­nat­u­ral.

“With so many peo­ple who have a take- no-crap at­ti­tude, there’s of­ten a tragedy that it’s cov­er­ing,” says ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer Emily Andras. “Wynonna is a per­son who did not get to choose her own fate and has made some ter­ri­ble choices. There’s also some­thing re­ally in­ter­est­ing about be­ing the de­scen­dant of a hero. If you, your­self, are not nat­u­rally heroic, that name can be both a bless­ing and a curse.”

Wynonna and her dys­func­tional posse – which in­cludes Doc Hol­l­i­day ( Tim Ro­zon), Agent Dolls ( Shamier An­der­son), and her younger sis­ter, Waverly ( Do­minique Provost-Chalk­ley) – fre­quently come into con­flict with the Revenants. This bunch of red­neck ghouls are stuck in Pur­ga­tory and de­cide to raise a lit­tle hell to pass the time. In ad­di­tion, they share a per­sonal con­nec­tion with Wynonna’s leg­endary an­ces­tor, which brands her a tar­get.

“It turns out that th­ese demons are ev­ery sin­gle out­law that Wyatt Earp ever put down,” ex­plains Andras. “Through some very strange cir­cum­stances, both Wyatt Earp and th­ese poor suck­ers that he killed have been cursed. They lit­er­ally have a curse put on them where they res­ur­rect over and over again. They are forced to bat­tle each other in this never- end­ing cy­cle of vi­o­lence.

“The only way to end it is ei­ther for the Earp heir to kill all the demons or for the demons to fig­ure out a way to es­cape their earthly prison,” con­tin­ues Andras. “They are bound within a very spe­cific area, so they can’t ac­tu­ally leave. And, like many crim­i­nals, some of them want to kill Wynonna or the Earp fam­ily. Oth­ers want her to stay out of their way so they can pur­sue their crim­i­nal en­ter­prises.”

Andras de­scribes the show as “Jus­ti­fied meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer”, which im­me­di­ately evokes im­ages of Wild West shenani­gans, shootouts, strong women and para­nor­mal may­hem. In­deed, the re­cent pro­mos prom­ise Wynonna Earp will de­liver in all those de­part­ments, es­pe­cially the ac­tion.

“For the fight scenes, we re­ally wanted it to look both kick­ass and fun and have a cer­tain tone,” says Andras. “We wanted to take it

se­ri­ously, but we also wanted to make it darkly comic. I re­ally wanted it to be more like a Robert Ro­driguez movie. Per­son­ally, I’ve never done a show with so much ac­tion. As soon as you have peo­ple fir­ing guns at one an­other, it’s a whole dif­fer­ent level of com­mit­ment. I can’t speak highly enough about our stunt co­or­di­na­tor, Steve McMichael, who worked on

The Hob­bit. The ac­tion for this is ex­tra­or­di­nary and I’d say we’re def­i­nitely bat­ting above our pay grade, which makes me re­ally happy.”

Sea­son one of Wynonna Earp pre­mieres on Syfy in the US on 1 April with a UK air­date TBC.

Per­son­ally, I’ve never done a show with so much ac­tion

What do they think this is, a Franken­stein movie?

Me­lanie Scro­fano as Wynonna Earp, proof of La­mar­ck­ism?

“Get your pon­cho on, you’re nicked!”

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