Su­per­girl’s Mar­tian Man­hunter on em­body­ing a comics icon…

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To Boldly Go…

“In Smal­lville you only saw one lit­tle shot of him be­ing green. But we’re show­ing you the full Mar­tian Man­hunter and giv­ing you his full story. Peo­ple are flip­ping out on­line, and I love that. It feels like a re­spon­si­bil­ity that peo­ple are putting on me, say­ing, ‘ At last we’re see­ing one of our favourite DC char­ac­ters.’”

Mak­ing a Mar­tian

“I have this fan­tas­tic suit that I love putting on, my su­per­hero suit. The head is CG. It’s a bit like what Andy Serkis did with Gol­lum. The per­for­mance is me, but it is digi­tised. But, as much as we can, the pro­duc­ers and ev­ery­body very much want to see the emo­tional side of the story be­ing played by me the ac­tor.””

The Kara Con­nec­tion

“He has al­ways had this goal of pro­tect­ing Kara. So if it means tough love, it means tough love. Her be­com­ing a su­per­hero is prob­a­bly the last thing he wanted. Be­cause he knows it’s gonna put her in dan­ger.”

Comic Book Cul­tured

“In Eng­land I re­ally didn’t read the Jus­tice League. I was much more of a Stan Lee per­son. So this has been a rev­e­la­tion to me. I’m re­ally lov­ing the char­ac­ter of J’onn J’onzz. Es­pe­cially [ writer] John Os­tran­der’s sto­ries.”

An English­man in LA

“My fam­ily’s in Eng­land. So I’m here [ in LA] on my own a lot. That sense of lone­li­ness, that sense of iso­la­tion that he feels – it was def­i­nitely some­thing that I tapped into. In the comic books, it’s al­most like he’s hav­ing this con­stant di­a­logue with him­self. That’s ex­actly what I do when I’m wan­der­ing around LA [ laughs]!”

Su­per­girl airs on Sky 1 in the UK and CBS in the US.

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