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Life’s a witch!


Sum­mon the mon­sters! Un­leash the cone bra! Threaten the trem­bling in­hab­i­tants of planet Earth! The Power Rangers re­boot has found its vil­lain in the form of El­iz­a­beth Banks, best known as dystopian fash­ion­ista Effie Trin­ket in the Hunger Games saga. She’ll play eter­nal neme­sis Rita Repulsa – surely the great­est punk rock name that never was – the alien witch who be­dev­illed the Rangers in the orig­i­nal TV episodes. First seen in the un­for­get­tably ti­tled ad­ven­ture “Day Of The Dump­ster”, Rita has a lair on the Moon and wields the sor­cer­ous power to make ob­jects and crea­tures grow to phe­nom­e­nal size. She later turned to good and re­branded her­self as Mys­tic Mother, but that wasn’t half as much fun. With a screen­play by X- Men: First Class scribes Ash­ley Miller and Zack Stentz, Power Rangers opens on 24 March 2017. Banks is also on­board to di­rect the Char­lie’s An­gels re­boot.

Shaw no more!


In space no one can hear you scream… but on the in­ter­net ev­ery­one can hear you walk away from a fran­chise. Noomi Ra­pace won’t be re­turn­ing to the role of ar­chae­ol­o­gist El­iz­a­beth Shaw in the next in­stal­ment of Ri­d­ley Scott’s xenomor­phic saga. This leaves Michael Fass­ben­der as the only re­turn­ing cast mem­ber for the Prometheus se­quel, re­port­edly set a decade af­ter the events on LV- 223. The new movie will fol­low the colony ship Covenant to a par­adise

planet that turns out to be a dark, des­o­late night­mare, doubtlessly crawl­ing with face- hug­ging nas­ties and acid- drip­ping phallo- beasts. Po­ten­tially join­ing fe­male lead Kather­ine Water­ston is Danny McBride, best known for com­edy roles in Rock The Kas­bah and East­bound And Down. Alien: Covenant is com­ing for you 6 Oc­to­ber 2017.

Let Cy­lons be Cy­lons!


As the an­cient prophecy fore­told, all of this has hap­pened be­fore and will hap­pen again… Yes, just as the orig­i­nal Star Wars was swiftly fol­lowed by small- screen clone Bat­tlestar Galac­tica so the suc­cess of The Force Awak­ens has spurred Uni­ver­sal Stu­dios to dust down their own dor­mant ’ 70s space opera prop­erty. Pro­ducer Michael De Luca is team­ing with Scott Stu­ber and Dy­lan Clark of Blue­grass Films to re­shape the star- span­ning saga as a tent­pole movie. It’s ru­moured the cin­e­matic ver­sion will hew closer to the vibe and iconog­ra­phy of the disco era orig­i­nal rather than the post- 9/ 11, po­lit­i­cally charged metaphors of the noughties re­boot. De Luca pro­duced The So­cial Net­work and Moneyball and is also one of the peo­ple be­hind the Fifty Shades Of Grey fran­chise. We’re al­ready imag­in­ing the Cy­lon bondage op­por­tu­ni­ties. “By your com­mand…”

To heel and back!


It’s all about Bryce Dal­las Howard’s heels. To some a lu­di­crous ex­am­ple of gen­der-com­part­men­tal­is­ing im­prac­ti­cal­ity. To oth­ers a sub­tly wrought metaphor for psy­cho­log­i­cal growth. To the rest, shoes. “Claire is a dif­fer­ent per­son now,” Howard tells E! News, bring­ing some cru­cial in­sider in­sight into the hot but­ton footwear is­sues swirling around the Juras­sic World se­quel. “The per­son she is at the end of the movie is not the per­son she was in the be­gin­ning. Her armour of sorts was that white, pris­tine out­fit with heels in a very cor­po­rate en­vi­ron­ment. The chick at the end is to­tally dif­fer­ent. So, there bet­ter not be heels!” Colin Trevor­row will write but not di­rect the next por­tion of dino ac­tion – he’s keep­ing busy prep­ping Star Wars Episode IX: Mummy’s Very Cross, Kylo Ren! – and so Uni­ver­sal are cast­ing around for a new helmer, with The Or­phan­age’s Juan An­to­nio Bay­ona ru­moured to be fron­trun­ner for the gig.

No one is re­mak­ing Labyrinth. That movie is per­fect as it is…

Lu do, call the rocks!


Don’t file this one un­der Po­ten­tial Acts Of Cin­e­matic Blas­phemy just yet. While early re­ports in­di­cated Sony Pic­tures were look­ing to re­make 1986’ s gob­lin- in­fested Hen­son- BowieLu­cas jam, screen­writer Ni­cole Perl­man in­sists this isn’t quite the cre­atively bank­rupt no­tion it ap­peared to be. “Not ‘ re­boot­ing’ any­thing, guys,” the Guardians Of The Galaxy scribe told the pitch­fork- wield­ing Twit­ter mul­ti­tudes. “No one is re­mak­ing Labyrinth. That movie is per­fect as it is… Labyrinth is my favourite film from child­hood, so I share your con­cerns that any con­tin­u­a­tion be han­dled with love and re­spect.” Perl­man tells The Guardian that the pro­ject has been brew­ing since late 2014 – the fact it leaked in the wake of Bowie’s pass­ing was, she says, “aw­ful; it felt like a punch in the gut… It would have been a dream come true, to write some­thing for him.” So that’s Lady Gaga as the Gob­lin Queen, then…

Now yousee him ...


And so we lift the sin­is­ter hat, re­move the equally men­ac­ing sun­glasses and un­wrap the pos­i­tively evil yards of tight­ly­wrapped sur­gi­cal dress­ing to re­veal… wait, there’s noth­ing there! The cack­ling fiend has no face! What un­godly per­ver­sion of sci­ence is this? No, hold on… Let’s squint a bit. Hmm. You know, in the right light, it looks an aw­ful lot like Johnny Depp, doesn’t it? Hello, Johnny. Loved you in Ed Wood. Yes, the Pi­rates Of The Caribbean star is aboard a brand new fran­chise, part of the ex­tended Mon­ster­verse cur­rently be­ing cooked up in a bub­bling vat at Uni­ver­sal Stu­dios. He’ll play the sci­en­tist med­dling with the vis­i­ble light spec­trum in an up­date of HG Wells’s clas­sic tale, first brought to the screen by James Whale in 1933. The screen­play’s by Men In Black’s Ed Solomon. Depp’s deal re­in­forces the A- list power of the Mon­ster­verse: Tom Cruise is al­ready signed for The Mummy while An­gelina Jolie is be­ing wooed for The Bride Of Franken­stein.

Smile!It’ s the end of the world!


Taika Waititi is ready to wres­tle with the great ser­pent Jör­mungandr. “I started read­ing about the ac­tual Norse Rag­narok and that’s even more in­sane than the comics. Crazy!” the helmer tells Su­per­heroHype. When not pon­der­ing the end of re­al­ity he’s plot­ting a hel­met- to- ham­mer shake up of the thun­der god fran­chise. “That’s what I’m re­ally go­ing to con­cen­trate on, re­ally make an ef­fort to change the en­tire thing. For me, I want to treat this as if it was the first Thor film, so we’re go­ing to redo it. You just have to flip it and freshen it up, like any­thing.” And hu­mour’s go­ing to be key to that, it seems – no sur­prise given his back­ground in come­dies like What We Do In The Shad­ows. “My strength in this is bring­ing my style of hu­mour, which is prob­a­bly a very dif­fer­ent style of hu­mour,” the New Zealan­der tells Crave On­line. “They’ve had good jokes in them be­fore but I think where I come from is maybe a fresher style. It could just shake the en­tire thing up a bit.”

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