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SFX - - First Contact -

Harold Okafor- With­ers If Cap­tain Phasma makes a re­turn, let’s see her kick­ing some se­ri­ous arse. If she’s the leader of the First Or­der’s Stormtrooper le­gions, show us why.

To­mas Becks Bring back the coolest guy in the galaxy: Lando Cal­ris­sian! But not with him be­ing Finn’s dad – that’s un­nec­es­sary and way too easy.

Ju­lian Searle I’d like to see a mean bounty hunter – not a res­ur­rected Boba Fett, but some­one a lot like him. Maybe he’s been sent af­ter Finn or some­thing.

Derek Cooke Ren hav­ing his head ripped off his shoul­ders by Chewie, who holds it aloft while scream­ing “Haaaaaaaan!”, then launches it into an abyss/ vol­cano/ Death Star por­tal.

Kurt Grif­fith Have Kylo Ren keep his mask on more. It’s not that I don’t like Adam Driver’s face, just that his “mask voice” is bril­liant and chill­ing.

Neil Gard­ner Some evo­lu­tion in tech­nol­ogy. Can’t be­lieve the de­signs have changed so lit­tle in 20/ 30 years!

Owen Hines Don’t bring back Han Solo – as a ghost or oth­er­wise! Se­ri­ously. That death has to count for some­thing.

Beth Dun­can Let’s find out how Kylo Ren went bad. I can live with flash­backs if it helps the story.

Dave Smith Ewoks v Wook­iees…

Fur fight- fest!

Rosie Banks Surely Leia’s got to come face- to- face with her son, Kylo Ren? Maybe she’ll send him to his room with­out sup­per.

Neon Echo De­nis Law­son. Wedge An­tilles hap­pily liv­ing with Luke Sky­walker. They are Rey’s par­ents.

Lewis Carr Bring in bounty hun­ters, have Ren be less con­flicted, and de­velop Poe’s char­ac­ter.

Richard Bent Rey trains with Luke, Ren trains with Snoke, Finn and Poe go on a badass ad­ven­ture some­where with Chew­bacca and BB- 8, and it all ties to­gether at the end.

FlangeBadger Kids Of The Force. Set in a Jedi High School for pre­co­cious Re­sis­tance chil­dren. Pos­si­bly a mu­si­cal.

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