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Was this film al­ways go­ing to have an R rat­ing?

We did a PG- 13 draft but we threw all that away. It was an at­tempt to get Fox to do the movie. Look, if you can do a PG- 13 Wolver­ine movie you can do a PG- 13 Dead­pool movie. We would have just had a lot less fucks…

Do you see Dead­pool as a su­per­hero?

His mo­tives are per­sonal and not global or so­ci­etal. And his meth­ods are not so­cially ac­cept­able by any stretch of the imag­i­na­tion! In many ways, to call him a su­per­hero is a mis­nomer. He’s more like a vig­i­lante with a big chip on his shoul­der. He wears a cos­tume and there the sim­i­lar­ity ends.

Can Dead­pool fit into the wider X- Men uni­verse?

It would be tricky for Fox be­cause they have this brand that’s very se­ri­ous – how do you in­tro­duce Dead­pool into that? But it’s al­ready been done. In the comics Dead­pool has joined X- Force, which is kind of the black ops ver­sion of the X- Men. When they cross over, the X- Men go a lit­tle to the right, with a lit­tle darker tone, and Dead­pool goes a lit­tle to the left, and ac­tu­ally joins a team even though he’s the quin­tes­sen­tial loner. Nick Setch­field

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