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re­leased 14 March 2015 | 15 | DVD

Di­rec­tor Michael Petroni

Cast Adrien Brody, Sam Neill,

Robin McLeavy, Chloe Bayliss

Even ghosts need psy­chi­atric help in this strik­ingly mis­er­able, Aus­tralian­made su­per­nat­u­ral drama. Adrien Brody stars as Peter Bower, a psy­cho­an­a­lyst who’s suf­fer­ing more than most of his pa­tients thanks to the un­timely death of his young daugh­ter. When a mute teenager turns up at his of­fice for anal­y­sis, he starts try­ing to work out what’s wrong with her – but then his friend Dun­can ( a beardy Sam Neill) points out that she’s prob­a­bly just an aged- up ver­sion of his dead kid. Cue lots of wide- eyed de­spair faces as Peter bat­tles to fig­ure out whether he’s los­ing his mind or if there’s re­ally a ghost try­ing to give him a mes­sage.

It’s not the most en­tic­ing premise, and Peter isn’t the most sym­pa­thetic of leads, es­pe­cially as the film delves into his past mis­de­meanours. In terms of ghouls, it’s a quan­tity over qual­ity deal; there are loads of them, but only the most eas­ily star­tled view­ers will find them scary.

The only de­cent thing about this film is Sam Neill. If only all half- baked hor­ror movies could wheel him out to ex­plain the plot to their dull- wit­ted pro­tag­o­nists.

Ex­tras Di­rec­tor’s com­men­tary; deleted scenes; Mak­ing Of. Sarah Dobbs

Writer/ di­rec­tor Michael Petroni also cowrote Queen Of The Damned and The Voy­age Of The Dawn Treader.

Ade didn’t re­act well to the re­view.

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