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re­leased OUT NOW! 2011- 2012 | 15 | Blu- ray/ DVD

Di­rec­tor Naoto Hosoda

Cast Misuzu To­gashi, Mai Aizawa,

No­rio Wakamoto, To­mosa Mu­rata

Af­ter some strong hor­ror anime re­cently – At­tack On Ti­tan, Tokyo Ghoul – it’s time for some schlock to bal­ance them out. Step for­ward Mi­rai Nikki, whose in­ter­est­ing first episode makes the show briefly look like an­other Death Note, be­fore it goes blood­ily ba­nanas.

Yuki, a with­drawn Ja­panese school­boy, keeps a di­ary of his daily life on his mo­bile, and con­fides in his imag­i­nary friend, a god. How­ever, the god is ac­tu­ally real, and starts send­ing Yuki phone en­tries from the fu­ture; they al­low Yuki to dodge a se­rial killer, for ex­am­ple. The bad news: the god is also send­ing mes­sages to 11 other peo­ple, and he wants them all ( in­clud­ing Yuki) to kill each other. Last one stand­ing will take the god’s place.

So far, so in­trigu­ing. Then it goes berserk, with mad school bombers, per­verted death cults, punc­tured eye­balls and plenty of crazy cute girls. A lot of it’s just stupid, but at times it’s gen­uinely funny – es­pe­cially when the show brings in Yuki’s broad­minded mum and a killer tod­dler. Sure, it lives down to anime’s worst stereo­types, yet it’s of­ten guilty, gory fun.

Ex­tras None. An­drew Os­mond

Death Notes – books which “let you kill peo­ple” by writ­ing their names – were banned for real in some Chi­nese cities.

Au­to­cor­rect: can be an ab­so­lute arse.

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