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re­leased OUT NOW! 2015 | 18 | Blu- ray/ DVD

Mys­ti­fy­ingly, this mod­ern­day Franken­stein has a mis­lead­ing gothic cover that makes it look like a cash- in on the ap­palling I, Franken­stein. Bad move. This is much bet­ter.

Writ­ten and di­rected by Candy­man’s Bernard Rose, it’s a grim, bloody Mod­ern Prometheus told from the mon­ster’s point of view. A tad un­sub­tle and ram­bling at times ( how apt), it nev­er­the­less boasts great per­for­mances ( in­clud­ing Car­rie- Anne Moss as one of the mon­ster’s cre­ators) and ef­fec­tive hor­ror mo­ments.

Ex­tras None. Dave Golder

“Any spare change, guv?”

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