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re­leased OUT NOW! 2016 | 15 | DVD/ VOD

You’d have thought low­bud­get “stranded-on- an- alien­planet” sci- fi has noth­ing new to of­fer – there’s only so much you can do with a desert and a sur­vival- against- lo­cal- nas­ti­ness sce­nario. But Aussie di­rec­tor Jesse O’Brien gives it a good try.

His am­bi­tions may out­strip his bud­get, but for the most part Ar­row­head is a well- made SF mys­tery about a man who’s chang­ing into… what ex­actly? Sur­pris­ingly it isn’t in­cred­i­bly grim ei­ther; there’s room for wit and an amus­ing AI too.

Ex­tras A be­hind- the- scenes piece. Dave Golder

South Shields: nice at this time of year.

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