THE LAST DAYS OF JACK SPARKS Can Satan Get 1,000 Likes?

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re­leased 3 March 389 pages | Pa­per­back/ ebook

Au­thor Ja­son Arnopp

Pub­lisher Or­bit

Jack Sparks is a leg­end on his own time­line. A re­cov­er­ing drug ad­dict, best­selling au­thor and self- ag­gran­dis­ing so­cial me­dia star, he’s on a mis­sion to dis­prove the ex­is­tence of the su­per­nat­u­ral. Un­for­tu­nately, Sparks winds up at­tract­ing the hos­tile at­ten­tions of a de­mon­i­cally pos­sessed teenager, as he in­ves­ti­gates a mys­te­ri­ous YouTube video fea­tur­ing a ghostly ap­pari­tion.

The Last Days Of Jack Sparks at­tempts the tricky task of trans­pos­ing the found footage genre to the printed page, and is writ­ten in the style of a work- in- progress man­u­script by Sparks, with the oc­ca­sional insert from a third party, added posthu­mously. The first half is the strong­est, with Ja­son Arnopp cre­at­ing an at­mos­phere ripe with men­ace, but the book flags in the se­cond half. That’s largely the re­sult of Arnopp cast­ing his net too wide. In ad­di­tion to the de­monic pos­ses­sion an­gle he throws in men­tal pro­jec­tions and time travel, un­til the plot trips over its own clut­ter. And the fur­ther Sparks be­comes de­tached from re­al­ity, the more im­plau­si­ble it be­comes that he’s still work­ing on his man­u­script – his re­fusal to be­lieve the ev­i­dence of his own eyes strains credulity to break­ing point. David West

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