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Gwendoline Christie’s Cap­tain Phasma was some­what short- changed in The Force Awak­ens, with min­i­mal screen­time, even less di­a­logue, and an in­vol­un­tary trip down a garbage chute. Still, there’s no deny­ing that her shiny sil­ver Stormtrooper armour looks ace, so this classy mono­chrome Star Wars Mes­sen­ger Bag ( FPI price £ 24.99; prod­uct code C9176) is a cut above the av­er­age tie- in merch. Should you wish, you can com­plete the Phasma look with a wal­let ( C9175) and toi­letry bag ( C9179) both fea­tur­ing the same de­sign.

Fancy see­ing Bat­man in all the colours of the rain­bow ( well, nearly)? Th­ese Bat­man Dorbz fig­ures ( FPI price £ 8.49 each; prod­uct codes D2864, D2865, D2868, D2869, D2870, D2872) come in or­ange, green, blue, pur­ple and pink. They’re just the tip of the ice­berg of a range which also in­cludes cutesy spins on the likes of the Joker, the Pen­guin and the Rid­dler. In­ci­den­tally, a sim­i­larly rain­bow­coloured six- pack of reg­u­lar ac­tion fig­ures is com­ing out later in the year. Hmm. It’s al­most like Bat­man is try­ing to tell us some­thing deeply per­sonal, but can’t quite spit it out. Mate, we all guessed years ago.

There are two things trou­bling us about this Flex­i­ble TARDIS Chop­ping Board ( FPI price £ 8.99; prod­uct code C5156). Firstly, as ded­i­cated Doc­tor Who fans we’re slightly irked by the shade of blue, which is sev­eral shades too bright; po­lice boxes are navy blue, damn it! Se­condly, the thin, bendy ma­te­rial it’s made of doesn’t look aw­fully sturdy – and we have seen some re­ports of peo­ple com­plain­ing that their chop­ping knife sliced into it straight away.

Maybe you just need to have a gen­tle touch.

Gotham City’s about to ex­pe­ri­ence a pop­u­la­tion ex­plo­sion with the lat­est wave of fig­ures from the Bat­man The An­i­mated Se­ries/ New

Bat­man Ad­ven­tures range ( FPI price £ 19.99 each; prod­uct codes B9229E, C3648, C3649, C3650). Here Robin takes a stand for jus­tice against botan­i­cally- in­clined ban­ditress Poi­son Ivy, orig­i­nal jester- style Har­ley Quinn and the none- more- creepy combo of Killer Croc and Baby Doll. You can also pick up stunt- queen Roxy Rocket and her favourite mode of trans­port ( FPI price £ 29.99; prod­uct code C5727). All fig­ures come ac­ces­sorised to within an inch of their lit­tle plas­tic lives.

Who­ever de­signed th­ese highly poseable The Walk­ing Dead 6” Ac­tion

Fig­ures ( FPI price £ 16.99 each; prod­uct codes C9690, C9691, C9692, C9693, C9701) – se­ries eight of the range based on the TV show – clearly has a pretty mor­bid sense of hu­mour. Tyreese comes with a bloody, de­tach­able arm, while Bob Stookey is pack­aged with his own bar­be­cued leg! Mmmm, bar­be­cued leg... Also pic­tured: an armour- clad Eu­gene; Dale, com­plete with deckchair and ri­fle; a griz­zled Rick Grimes with blood on his face and grey in his mous­tache; and a masked Mor­gan.

It’s all about the ’ tache. Yes, this Bat­man 1966 Vinyl

Idolz Joker ( FPI price £ 16.99; prod­uct code D3292) faith­fully re­tains Ce­sar Romero’s weirdly whited- out up­per lip fuzz ( as ded­i­cated Bat­fans should know, the ac­tor re­fused to shave off his top- lip- warmer for the role) – and quite right too. His eyes were never quite as man­i­cally bul­bous though – this fella’s are like Marty Feld­man’s on pop­pers! A dap­per pur­ple suit, snot- green hair and yel­lowy teeth round off a solid stat­uette of the mis­chief maker – nice shiny shoes too. Vinyl Idolz fig­ures of Bat­man, Robin and Bat­girl are also avail­able. None come with a whited- out mous­tache.

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