The Li­brar­i­ans

A mys­te­ri­ous case of the star who keeps van­ish­ing

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UK Broad­cast Syfy, fin­ished

US Broad­cast TNT, fin­ished

Episodes Re­viewed 2.01- 2.10

Head Li­brar­ian Flynn and guardian Eve chat in the Li­brary an­nexe while Li­brar­i­ans: The Next Gen­er­a­tion mess about in the back­ground do­ing ban­tery stuff.

Flynn So, we found the Ware­house… sorry Li­brary, again at the end of sea­son one but it’s a re­ally ex­pen­sive, CG- en­hanced set de­signed for when this se­ries wasn’t on ev­ery week.

Arty as­sis­tant li­brar­ian Ban­ter ban­ter ban­ter Michelan­gelo…

Eve Yeah, let’s just use the an­nexe again this year af­ter a few es­tab­lish­ing shots.

Sci­encey as­sis. li­brar­ian Ban­ter ban­ter ban­ter square root…

Flynn Talk­ing of money sav­ing, I’ll be do­ing my cus­tom­ary van­ish­ing act for half the episodes again.

Thiev­ing as­sis. li­brar­ian Ban­ter ban­ter ban­ter cocky…

Eve Where do you

ac­tu­ally go?

Arty as­sis. li­brar­ian Look… the li­brary’s clip­ping book is alert­ing us to this year’s arc plot.

Flynn I au­di­tion for Doc­tor Who. That’s why I dress like Ber­tie Wooster’s

id­iot brother.

Sci­encey as­sis. li­brar­ian Fic­tional char­ac­ters are com­ing to life!

Eve You’ve no chance.

Arty as­sis. li­brar­ian This clip­ping says we got a Ground­hog Day episode com­ing up.

Eve Nah, be­cause the next Doc­tor will be an Asian les­bian. About time too.

Sci­encey as­sis. li­brar­ian Cool. Ground­hog Day episodes are al­ways fun.

Flynn I could try method?

Sci­encey as­sis. li­brar­ian Cool. Ground­hog Day episodes are al­ways fun.

Thiev­ing as­sis. li­brar­ian Here’s an­other clip­ping call­ing us to

Lon­don to solve a case in­volv­ing Do­rian Gray. That’ll be pants.

Flynn Maybe if we look like

we’re try­ing to be Doc­tor Who peo­ple’ll stop say­ing we’re like Ware­house 13.

Arty as­sis. li­brar­ian Hey Flynn, when are you go­ing to stop hog­ging the lime­light?

Flynn You do know the view­ers pre­fer me prat­ting about to the episodes where you lot get “emo­tional”


Thiev­ing as­sis. li­brar­ian Maybe, but you’re not in the Ground­hog Day episode and that one kicks se­ri­ous butt.

Eve Hang on, it was sci­encey as­sis­tant li­brar­ian’s turn to get

a line.

Sci­encey as­sis. li­brar­ian That’s okay. I did two in a row for the sake of the only vaguely funny gag in this whole fea­ture. Dave Golder

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