Your thoughts on Steven Mof­fat’s de­par­ture from Doc­tor Who.

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Robert Allen, email I’m go­ing to miss Mof­fat. He’s not per­fect and I haven’t agreed with ev­ery­thing he’s done while in charge. How­ever, he’s been re­spon­si­ble for so many won­der­ful mo­ments. The last se­ries was one of the best since the show came back. So while you’ll be in­un­dated by the “Mof­fat’s de­stroyed the show” brigade look­ing to con­demn the man, I would thank him for all he’s ac­com­plished.

Medium Atomic Weight, GamesRadar+ It is most def­i­nitely time for the Moff­ster to move on. He can’t help but tie Doc­tor Who up in con­vo­luted, im­pen­e­tra­ble knots of ever in­creas­ing den­sity such that I spend most episodes never re­ally know­ing what the hell is go­ing on. I’m qui­etly con­fi­dent that Chib­bers will steer the TARDIS back to a pe­riod of sim­pler, stronger, more solid sto­ry­telling that would re­ally ben­e­fit an ac­tor of Ca­paldi’s cal­i­bre.

David Weaver, Face­book It was frus­trat­ing how the BBC loudly an­nounced the change of showrun­ner, then qui­etly men­tioned there is no Doc­tor Who on TV for all of 2016, apart from the Christ­mas episode. Chris Chib­nall might want to get Jack Hark­ness back, with his his­tory with Torch­wood, which wouldn’t be bad.

Derek Penn, Face­book Good. Not a sea­son too soon. Mof­fat had is­sues with the Doc­tor from day one and con­cen­trated on his as­sis­tant way too much. The se­ries lost di­rec­tion and needs a firm hand to get it back to be­ing the top sci- fi se­ries on tele­vi­sion.

Steve Matthew­man, Face­book Let us not for­get he gave us the Si­lence, the War Doc­tor and Tom Baker! I think he has been an ex­cel­lent showrun­ner and writ­ten some in­cred­i­ble episodes. I for one will miss him.

Sali Earls, Face­book While Peter Ca­paldi is con­sis­tently ex­cel­lent, the most re­cent se­ries was ex­tremely weak. I’m a life­long fan, but I very nearly gave up on it.

Nigel El­lis, Face­book I think the show needed a break. It’s per­fectly true that Mof­fat wrote some truly ex­cel­lent episodes in­clud­ing the hugely en­joy­able 50 years show. How­ever I do feel that over the past three years or so the se­ries’ writ­ing has been poor/ in­con­sis­tent.

It needs a firm hand to get it back to be­ing TV’s top sci- fi se­ries

The ram­bling in­tro­duc­tion of Clara, for me, bun­gled any chance of re­lat­ing to a com­pan­ion whose ori­gins I just did not com­pletely un­der­stand and frankly ended up not car­ing about. I will never not watch an episode of Doc­tor Who but the last few sea­sons have made it al­most a chore.

Andy P Meakin, Face­book How many episodes does ev­ery­one think it will be be­fore ev­ery­one starts hat­ing on Chib­nall? I give it two be­fore those who say Mof­fat sucked start beg­ging for him to re­turn. Such is the ca­sual whimsy of “fan­dom” th­ese days. SFX Just a few of the hun­dreds of re­sponses we got on this topic. Thanks one and all! My tup­pence­worth? Mof­fat started bril­liantly but I haven’t loved the last cou­ple of years – too glum and pompous, and the show not be­ing overly both­ered about the ca­sual viewer or chil­dren is wrong, me­thinks. But I reckon he’ll put his all into the last se­ries and it could be a goodie. Then I’ll wel­come Mr Chib­nall as a breath of fresh air.


Emma Watts, email I read Ti­mothy Wil­liams’s email ( is­sue 270) with an eye- rolling sense of en­nui and was once again re­minded of why I no longer bother with Doc­tor Who. Not be­cause of the TV show but be­cause of the crazed fan­dom that has sprung up around it, com­pa­ra­ble to fas­cism, whereby any de­trac­tion from the party line is im­me­di­ately de­nounced as “spite­ful sneer­ing, old re­gur­gi­tated com­plaints, at­tempts to be­lit­tle” and so on. Where has it come from? This com­plete in­abil­ity to ac­cept that ( a) other peo­ple are en­ti­tled to their opin­ions; and ( b) their opin­ions may not be the same as yours? Where is our tol­er­ance for an even- handed de­bate that doesn’t de­gen­er­ate into deroga­tory insults?

Ti­mothy makes the as­sump­tion that all crit­ics of Doc­tor Who are just writ­ing out of spite or just want to moan, rather than con­sid­er­ing that some of them may have valid points. Some of them may even en­joy the pro­gramme in spite of their crit­i­cisms – it is pos­si­ble to en­joy some­thing while also ac­knowl­edg­ing its faults. And in a ter­rific dou­ble stan­dard, Ti­mothy be­moans “the nas­tier, more in­se­cure face of fan­dom” then later calls the editor an id­iot be­cause he chose to print let­ters which don’t match Ti­mothy’s own views about the show. He also uses the word “frankly” far too much, which means that his let­ter, frankly, comes over more like a rant rather than a con­sid­ered opin­ion.

I’m not go­ing to get into whether Doc­tor Who is good or bad be­cause I sim­ply don’t care any­more. Not about it or the con­stant vi­cious de­bate that sur­rounds it. That nas­tier, more in­se­cure face of fan­dom has ru­ined it for me. SFX You make some good points, Emma, there do seem to be some peo­ple who get some­what up­pity about is­sues around the show. Don’t go though, we need you around to speak sense!


Mike Garner, email The Good Di­nosaur is proof Pixar need to re­lease more than one film a year. It’s the com­plete op­po­site of In­side Out. God­dam, how vi­o­lent is that film! You put on your re­view that it might be too scary for younger view­ers. I both agree and dis­agree, kids love to be scared. It’s an ideal film. The part with Spot and the gi­ant in­sect is both gross and laugh out loud in equal mea­sures.

Yet again, broad­cast­ers have made an idi­otic de­ci­sion

SFX I agree with your dis­agree­ment, Mike, it’s per­fect for the young au­di­ence who will be its main au­di­ence. I re­ally liked its sim­plic­ity, its lessons about the im­por­tance of fam­ily and that it’s free of the brash­ness and fre­net­ic­ness of many mod­ern an­i­ma­tions. Looked stun­ning too.


AJ Hig­gins, email I was dis­ap­pointed to see that you have given min­i­mal cov­er­age of the re­cent news that the clas­sic sci­ence fic­tion se­ries Starhunter would not only be get­ting a third se­ries, but also a videogame, a comic se­ries and a HD re­mas­ter for the orig­i­nal two se­ries. Let’s not for­get that while the first se­ries has been crit­i­cised for its ef­fects and act­ing, it made up for that with its plot- driven sto­ry­line and char­ac­ter­i­sa­tion. I think this se­ries de­serves more credit than it’s given; it has been de­scribed as the most re­al­is­tic por­trayal of a so­lar- bound fu­ture by sev­eral sources, it is quite bla­tantly a pre­de­ces­sor to Joss Whedon’s Fire­fly, and just the con­cept alone is the coolest thing ever: Star Wars bounty hun­ters in a Blade Run­ner- themed SF uni­verse. SFX Un­for­tu­nately, AJ, I’ve just done a poll of the of­fice and re­sponses ranged from “Err...” to “Did it even air over here?” Sorry! We’ll keep our eyes on this one and see how it de­vel­ops.

leg­ends of… when?

Rob Hor­rocks, email Yet again, UK broad­cast­ers have made yet an­other stupid, idi­otic de­ci­sion. This time it’s Sky 1 re­spon­si­ble for the out­rage.

For some rea­son, The Flash and Ar­row will not be re­sum­ing on Sky 1 un­til March, and Leg­ends Of To­mor­row won’t be start­ing un­til then ei­ther. Con­sid­er­ing that be­fore Christ­mas we were only a week be­hind the US broad­casts of the episodes, this de­ci­sion means that we’ll be sev­eral weeks be­hind, which creates the is­sue of hav­ing to avoid spoil­ers across the net.

Do they not re­alise that de­ci­sions like this are pre­cisely the rea­son that many re­sort to down­load­ing th­ese shows on­line? Not that I’ll be tak­ing that route due to want­ing to watch th­ese shows with­out lag and with bet­ter qual­ity vi­su­als and au­dio, but that doesn’t make it any less an­noy­ing that we’re made to wait longer for some stupid un­known rea­son. SFX I guess there are a large num­ber of pro­grammes fight­ing for a lim­ited amount of slots but yes, this is the irk­some sort of de­lay that sends folks to those naughty down­load web­sites.


Craig Hen­der­son, Face­book I think Mof­fat started off re­ally well, but there’s just been far too much in­con­sis­tency through­out his run for me to get too teary- eyed over his de­par­ture.

John Frahm, Face­book I don’t agree with his harsh­est crit­ics, I think Mof­fat did a lot of good for the show. I hope Ca­paldi stays at least into Chib­nall’s first se­ries.

Lind­say Comer, Face­book Steven Mof­fat is a leg­end, a ge­nius and Doc­tor Who will miss him. The “fans” that com­plain will re­alise just how good a writer he is when he’s not writ­ing for Who any­more. That be­ing said, change is good.

Gary Pratt, Face­book I don’t know what to think. The in­ter­net seems di­vided, did Mof­fat go vol­un­tar­ily or was he pushed?

Keith Hen­ney, Face­book A change of di­rec­tion may be a good thing – I like Ca­paldi but I don’t think he has been served well so far with his sto­ries.

Seb Jowett, Face­book Mof­fat has great ideas, and can write crack­ing stand­alone episodes. Though when in charge it seemed that he of­ten tried to be too clever.

James Kins­ley, Face­book Don’t want to be too harsh, but think SM brought far more to the show as a writer than a showrun­ner.

Neil Fin­lay, Face­book Steven Mof­fat wrote the best episodes of RTD’s pro­duc­tion era, and saw Doc­tor Who dur­ing his ten­ure get even big­ger world­wide, and in its 50th an­niver­sary year made an episode wor­thy of cel­e­bra­tion. For those things we should thank him. SFX Yep, it’s of­fi­cially our hottest ever Hot Topic! Th­ese ar­gu­ments are go­ing to go on well past clos­ing time...

Mof­fat: def­i­nitely keen on Daleks.

His finest hour ( and a bit)? One of six Doc­tors un­der Mof­fat. ( Re­ally. Count up.) Some of the great­est ever mon­sters?

The Good Di­nosaur : The Revenant for young ’ uns?

The Leg­ends Of To­mor­row, to­day... in this mag­a­zine!

Yep, it’s Starhunter. We think.

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