The case for each su­per­fella.

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Su­per­man’s a bet­ter idea than the bomb. When I was a kid the bomb was the big­gest thing in my life, be­cause my par­ents were ac­tivists. The bomb was this hor­ror to me. Then I dis­cov­ered Su­per­man. Here was a guy who, if the bomb went off in his face, it might give him a mild tan…

I al­ways re­lated to Su­per­man, be­cause he was so kind. I didn’t re­ally re­late to the Marvel he­roes be­cause they were so an­gry and they were al­ways fight­ing each other. Su­per­man was a moral ex­em­plar. Es­pe­cially if you’re a lit­tle kid – he truly is a moral ex­em­plar, more so even than Je­sus. Be­cause Je­sus doesn’t fly around and punch things and fight dragons. That made Su­per­man cooler!

Su­per­man is the em­blem of our bet­ter selves. He’s ev­ery­thing we want to be in sit­u­a­tions where we feel threat­ened and vul­ner­a­ble.

All- Star Su­per­man was in­tended to be quite do­mes­tic. He’s got a dog, he’s got a house, he’s got a girl­friend, and he’s got prob­lems with all of it. Just be­cause his house is an arc­tic fortress filled with th­ese trea­sures doesn’t mean it’s not just his house. He has to take Krypto for a walk. He takes him for a walk around the rings of Saturn, but he’s still tak­ing his dog for a walk. He still has prob­lems with his girl­friend.

His emo­tions are writ­ten on this large- scale cos­mic can­vas, which makes even a visit from your rel­a­tives into an epic drama. You’ve got your friends, but they live in the fu­ture… So I came to feel that the key to Su­per­man sto­ries was to just tell do­mes­tic sto­ries about hu­man emo­tions but on this gi­ant can­vas that made them mythic. Be­cause that’s how we feel in­side – ev­ery­thing’s mythic. You break up with your lover and it’s an ag­o­nis­ing de­struc­tion of a ro­mance. It’s Romeo And Juliet.

He’s got the whole world in his hands.

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