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With the pro­ject ad­mirably shrouded in se­crecy, just as Cloverfield was, all we have to go on are the two brief trail­ers – and Su­per Bowl TV spot – re­leased so far, and the knowl­edge that this film was orig­i­nally called Va­len­cia, re­port­edly an un­re­lated script fea­tur­ing a bunker that has been re­worked to be part of the

Cloverfield uni­verse.

The story fo­cuses on John Good­man as Howard, shar­ing a bunker deep un­der­ground with an in­jured man ( John Gal­lagher Jr). Michelle ( Mary El­iz­a­beth Win­stead) ar­rives af­ter a car crash and is told there’s been a chem­i­cal at­tack, so she can’t leave. Think­ing Howard could be noth­ing more than a crazy sur­vival­ist, she wants out. But is he right?

Pro­ducer JJ Abrams says: “We wanted to make it a blood rel­a­tive of

Cloverfield.” So does this story take place dur­ing the ini­tial at­tack, to dif­fer­ent char­ac­ters? Or does it hap­pen af­ter­wards? We never find out what hap­pened to New York in the orig­i­nal movie, but clearly some­body, prob­a­bly the mil­i­tary, found the footage and cat­e­gorised it, in­di­cat­ing there were sur­vivors. But how many? We hear Howard de­clare, “Ev­ery­one out­side of here is dead…”

The orig­i­nal film never ex­plained its ti­tle; we sim­ply had on- screen text that said: “Mul­ti­ple sight­ings of case des­ig­nate ‘ Cloverfield’”. Is this the name of the mon­ster?

Below This could get a lit­tle messy…

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