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This “orig­i­nal ref­er­ence Yoda head” is pos­si­bly a unique piece and con­se­quently very dif­fi­cult to value. It’s the sort of item that has no prece­dent at auc­tion so I would be un­able to haz­ard a re­al­is­tic guess. Value de­pends upon prove­nance. There can some­times be a prob­lem when links to orig­i­nal ori­gin be­come more and more ten­u­ous and misty with the pas­sage of time. And some­times peo­ple per­ceive there to be a mas­sive value when there just aren’t the buy­ers.

If you’ve got a piece of mem­o­ra­bilia you’d like us to fea­ture, send us a photo of your item with a few words about what it means to you, to sfx@ fu­turenet. com, us­ing the sub­ject line Cash In The AT- AT.

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