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SFX - - Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice - Tara Ben­nett

You haven’t done a sum­mer block­buster in a while. What was your re­ac­tion to be­ing sent this script?

My first re­ac­tion was in terms of the way I think of Bat­man, which is the con­ven­tional way, so I thought I was too old and I wouldn’t fit too neatly into that square peg. But Zack [ Sny­der] said, “Come down and see what my ideas are to do some­thing dif­fer­ent.” I was re­ally won over by this vi­sion of an older guy, who is a brawler at the end of his run, ask­ing more ex­is­ten­tial ques­tions.

As a comic book fan, which of the two he­roes ap­pealed to you most?

I was more of a Bat­man guy. I think peo­ple iden­tify more with Bat­man be­cause Su­per­man doesn’t have any weak­nesses. It’s why Henry [ Cav­ill] has a harder job than I do to try and make that char­ac­ter ac­ces­si­ble.

What’s Bat­man’s beef with Su­per­man in this?

To a cer­tain ex­tent, Bat­man starts the movie with this big in­jury – the Wayne In­dus­tries build­ing is de­stroyed in the fight be­tween Zod and Su­per­man [ in Man

Of Steel]. He loses all of th­ese friends and peo­ple who work for him so he feels ter­ri­bly guilty and re­spon­si­ble. It turns into rage, anger and a kind of ob­ses­sion. The anger traps him and it makes him see Su­per­man in only one way and he can’t let that go.

Since we get to skip the ori­gin story this time, how did you “find” your Bat­man?

You see the ori­gin briefly but you have other movies that did that heavy lift­ing for you. And you don’t re­ally play Bat­man, you play Bruce Wayne.

What was your re­la­tion­ship with the suit?

The suit was okay but not when they put the Mech- suit on top of it. And of course the di­rec­tor wanted it to be rain­ing [ laughs]. It dou­bled the weight of the suit be­cause it ab­sorbed all of the wa­ter. The cape it­self, when full of wa­ter, was about 25 pounds and the whole thing was 100 pounds wet so that was when it was like, “Well, you wanted an old Bat­man…” I can prom­ise you more ac­tion than I was up for do­ing. We’ve got vis­ual ef­fects, stunt cars, a Bat space­ship, the Bat­mo­bile chase, me fight­ing Su­per­man... it’s in­cred­i­ble. The spec­ta­cle blows you away. It’s just stag­ger­ing what tech­nol­ogy in con­cert with good old fash­ioned thes­pi­ans can do.

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