Robert Eg­gers talks true screen ter­ror

SFX - - The Witch -

“I don’t like a lot of hor­ror films. I like Ham­mer films, I like Uni­ver­sal stuff. I grew up with all that but I don’t find it very sat­is­fy­ing be­cause it’s not ac­tu­ally ask­ing ques­tions about dark­ness. A lot of times – and I think this is also re­ally cool – genre fans can over-in­tel­lec­tu­alise th­ese things and make them much more pro­found than they ac­tu­ally are. Which is to­tally cool. But Ing­mar Bergman’s the scari­est hor­ror film di­rec­tor that I know. Cries And Whis­pers, Through A Glass Darkly…

those are af­fect­ing, those are hor­rific, when they’re talk­ing about the dark­ness in hu­mankind. With most hor­ror films it’s teenage masochis­tic tit­il­la­tion and you’re go­ing to the edge shin­ing a flash­light and then run­ning away laugh­ing at what­ever you see. Well, that’s cool, and I get how it’s fun, but you’re not re­ally go­ing at it.”

Pscho­log­i­cal fears in Ing­mar Bergman’s Cries And Whis­pers.

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