“It Has An In­di­ana Jones Feel…”

Chris Hemsworth is The Hunts­man

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How do you com­pare this se­quel to Snow White And The Hunts­man?

We wanted it to be lighter and more fun, with more sense of ad­ven­ture. The first one I’m proud of, but it was very heavy, se­ri­ous and dark. We’re get­ting away from that. The script is fun­nier and lighter. The vi­su­als, the colours, the aes­thetic is all brighter. It re­minds me of Wil­low, or has an In­di­ana Jones feel to it, hope­fully.

Is it true you en­ticed Jes­sica Chas­tain to come on board at the Crit­ics’ Choice awards?

Yeah! I re­mem­ber the first thing she said was, “Do I get to kick ass?” I said, “Hey if you’re in­ter­ested, we’ll make sure that hap­pens.” And she’s been fan­tas­tic. When she was first in con­ver­sa­tions, when Emily Blunt was in con­ver­sa­tions, when Charlize was in con­ver­sa­tions to come back, I thought, “God, if we pull this off, that’s hugely ex­cit­ing.”

It’s very fe­male- driven. Did that ap­peal and would you con­sider your­self a fem­i­nist?

Oh yeah, for sure. My mum’s a big fem­i­nist! That’s an­other thing I thought was great tonally: the strength of it was in th­ese three women and their per­for­mances, the heart and soul that they blended through th­ese char­ac­ters.

Do you see any com­par­i­son be­tween the Hunts­man and Thor at all?

Not re­ally... some­one like Thor, ev­ery­thing is pol­ished, heroic and big. He may be fight­ing a big vil­lain, but you know he’s prob­a­bly go­ing to win. On this we’re try­ing to have the op­po­site; have him a lot more vul­ner­a­ble and sus­cep­ti­ble to los­ing. Also he’s not a god; he’s much more grounded and hu­man which is a nice change.

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