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ANNABELLE DOLL Trau­ma­tise k ids with this The Con­jur­ing col­lectable, which faith­fully repli­cates the creepy haunted doll from the hor­ror fran­chise. She stands 18” tall, at least a quar­ter of which seems to be made up of ter­ri­fy­ing bulging eyes. Aaaargh!

float­ing mil­len­nium fal­con What witch­craft is this?! This replica of Han’s bucket of bolts ( as seen in Em­pire) floats in the air via elec­tro­mag­netic at­trac­tion and re­pul­sion – or so the mak­ers claim. We strongly sus­pect they are war­locks.

JUDGE FEAR FIGU RE “Gaze i nto t he f ace o f Fear!” In­spired by Brian Bol­land’s art, this fig­ure of 2000 AD’s Dark Judge is about 17cm tall, and comes with suit­ably ghoul­ish ac­ces­sories – such as one of the bear traps he likes to toss at his hap­less vic­tims.

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