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RAY PALMER “He’s a time mas­ter from the 22nd cen­tury, it’s a lit­tle hard to google.” Leg­ends Of To­mor­row, Episode 1.01

SAM “Turns out Harold was steal­ing the other res­i­dents’ Vi­a­gra.” DEAN “I know. A real dick move, huh?” Su­per­nat­u­ral, Episode 11.11 JARVIS “Aside from Dan­ger, my middle name is

Charm­ing.” Agent Carter, Episode 2.01 mulder “How do you know that?”

SCULLY “I’m old school, Mulder. Pre- Google.” The X- Files, Episode 10.02

CISCO “I think we found the next tar­get for our 30- some­thing, meta- hu­man, nota- Ninja- Tur­tle.” The Flash, Episode 2.10

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