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Your re­ac­tions to the new X- Files, plus Dead­pool, Doc­tor Who, David Bowie and more.

Adam Har­vey, GamesRadar+ The first two episodes of the X- Files re­vival were soooo dull. Ret­con­ning the orig­i­nal mythol­ogy to fit 2016 felt like a com­plete cop- out. David Du­chovny still can’t act, and Gil­lian An­der­son looks bored with the ap­palling di­a­logue.

Neil Hick­man, email Af­ter nine se­ries and a movie ( the first one that is) I’m pretty sure the aliens were real, even if Mulder isn’t. It felt very strange to be giv­ing Truthers a lit­tle val­i­da­tion too.

Kaija Blue Sky, Twit­ter I think The X- Files has grown up. It’s try­ing to be more re­al­is­tic and rep­re­sents more of the val­ues of our time. SFX Hmm, I’m guess­ing Kaija wrote that be­fore see­ing episode three…

h1t­man007mcr, GamesRadar+ I re­ally en­joyed the first and se­cond episodes. The third was ab­so­lutely ridicu­lous.

Ed­uard Korho­nen, Face­book I started to watch the first episode, got bored and drifted out, and never both­ered with the rest.

Keith Tu­dor, email I found the first episode slow, but the se­cond episode had some great dra­matic mo­ments, and we then had one of the fun­ni­est episodes in The X- Files’ his­tory – the Were- Mon­ster was a great spin on a clas­sic theme.

Eloxia, Face­book I think a lot of peo­ple have nos­tal­gia syn­drome – the act­ing was ter­ri­ble back in the day, worse than soap opera act­ing. I’m es­pe­cially im­pressed with the im­prove­ment Gil­lian An­der­son has made over the years.

Mark Craw­ley, Twit­ter Get two new leads – Scully and Mulder look old and knack­ered. SFX Charm­ing, Mark! And if you think Gil­lian An­der­son looks “knack­ered”, god help the rest of us; you’d think she’d been in cryo­genic sus­pen­sion since 2002.

Pete Wool­man, GamesRadar+ The se­ries has been such a mixed bag. On the one hand “Mulder And Scully Meet The Were- Mon­ster” is up there with the best episodes; but “Baby­lon” was so mis­judged that it al­most ru­ined the en­tire re­vival.

Michelle Ferry, Face­book It’s re­fresh­ing to see a show that’s come back ac­knowl­edge that yes, time has gone by, and they’re not the ex­act same peo­ple they were when the show stopped in the early ’ 00s. SFX They’re not the only ones who’ve changed, Michelle. I was re­placed by an alien shapeshifter in 2011, for ex­am­ple.

Gas­par Garção, GamesRadar+ The con­spir­acy “turned on its head” ( ie alien tech­nol­ogy used by the mil­i­tary- in­dus­trial com­plex for con­trol­ling the pop­u­la­tion, not an alien in­va­sion), is a strong con­cept, but I’d pre­fer the con­spir­acy plot to stay un­re­solved; for me, The X- Files is about the jour­ney, not the con­clu­sion. Def­i­nitely worth an­other se­ries.

Medi­umA­tomicWeight, GamesRadar+ By 2002 I thought the show had def­i­nitely run its course. How wrong! A decade later and the con­spir­acy the­o­ries have be­come re­al­ity – our pri­vacy eroded, sur­veil­lance by the state the sta­tus quo. The X- Files feels more nec­es­sary than be­fore.

PeterParker83 I was both ex­cited and wor­ried about the re­vival. And I was right to be, on both counts, be­cause it’s been such a mixed bag.

Rob Hor­rocks, Twit­ter It’s been a re­turn to the glory days of the show, and I’d love to see more.

SFX Not sure I agree with the first half of that, but I def­i­nitely agree with the con­clu­sion. Head to page 122 to read my ver­dict on the sea­son!

# DEAD GOOD Mike Garner, email Dead­pool is eas­ily one of the best Marvel films. It’s pitch per­fect! Ryan Reynolds is the best cast­ing since Robert Downey Jr put on his Iron Man suit. The writer should re­ceive se­ri­ous ac­co­lades – al­though they won’t, be­cause it’s wee and fart jokes. It also has the fun­ni­est minute of any film, ever, a scene that has to be this gen­er­a­tion’s Black Knight from Monty Python And The Holy Grail – I laughed so hard I peed slightly. SFX If any PR peo­ple for Marvel are read­ing, there’s your quote for the DVD cover.


Craig Water­worth, email As a long- time De­fend­ers fan I hoped that one day I’d get to see Dr Strange, Sil­ver Surfer, the Hulk and Namor do bat­tle with the cos­mic and the bizarre in their uniquely dys­func­tional way. It would have been fan­tas­tic to see this bunch of heavy- hit­ters bick­er­ing and ban­ter­ing their way to­wards sav­ing the world in an anti- Avengers style. The De­fend­ers are also de­fined by the fact that though they’ve had more line- ups than a ’ 70s po­lice sta­tion, the cen­tral core of team mem­bers has al­ways been the foun­da­tion.

I nearly fell off my seat when I heard Netflix were tak­ing this on as a TV show; then sink­ing dis­ap­point­ment set in as I read the line- up: Dare­devil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jes­sica Jones. To the best of my knowl­edge, Jes­sica Jones has never been a De­fender, and the other three have only been part- time mem­bers at best. Marvel/ Netflix are do­ing the fran­chise a great dis­ser­vice by ig­nor­ing the De­fend­ers’ founders. It smacks of “let’s use the char­ac­ters with the cheap­est vis­ual ef­fects to get an Avenger­slite TV cash- in”. Not good! SFX Cheer up Craig, it could be worse – it could fea­ture For­bush Man, Squir­rel Girl and Bessie the Hell­cow.


The Llama God, email So, Chris Chib­nall’s tak­ing over Doc­tor Who. And there’s plenty of rea­sons to be wor­ried. Yes, Broad­church was su­perb, but let’s not for­get Torch­wood se­ries one and two, and the as­sump­tion that peo­ple are in­ca­pable of grow­ing or chang­ing af­ter a decade of ex­pe­ri­ence…

When Rus­sell T Davies took charge of Who, he brought in his in­sid­i­ous “gay agenda”. Steven Mof­fat brought in his mar­ried

I started to watch the first episode, got bored and drifted out

We need to know what we’re rail­ing against week on week

per­son/ medi­ocre story/ too- busy­do­ing- Sher­lock/ not-do­ing- thing­sex­actly-the- way- fans- wanted agenda. What, we have to ask, is Chib­nall’s agenda?

We don’t know! Which is dis­tress­ing. As a Doc­tor Who fan I need to know what it is we’re rail­ing against week on week. And right now I don’t! I hate it al­ready!

Change, my dear... I don’t like it. SFX Chill out Who fans! “Di­nosaurs On A Space­ship” was great fun! And “Cy­ber­woman” was... er... well... let’s just move on to the next let­ter, shall we?

# BOWIE BALLS- UP John Kirt­ley, New­cas­tle Your “Bowie Trib­ute” in is­sue 271 is just so of­fen­sive. First you choose the only bad pic­ture of the man ever taken, and once you read the copy you see that it was meant to be an aw­ful pic­ture of a shocked/ gurn­ing Bowie. Then the last line [ about his role in Labyrinth] reads, “com­plete with fright wig and gi­ant cod­piece”. Re­ally! Af­ter a life­time of cre­ative ex­plo­ration and artis­tic brav­ery.

To end this trite and dis­mis­sive ar­ti­cle with an in­ac­cu­rate de­scrip­tion of his crotch ( it wasn’t a cod­piece, just an adult male pe­nis and tes­ti­cles seen briefly in his dance tights in a few ful­l­length shots) is of­fen­sive and lack­ing in re­spect.

Lis­ten to Black­star; you’ll hear an el­e­gant, dar­ing and bril­liant artist take on themes of iden­tity, death, time, our place in the uni­verse, and a whole lot more. Then write some­thing wor­thy of both him and your mag­a­zine. SFX News editor Will replies: Sorry you didn’t like the trib­ute. I’m well aware of Bowie’s legacy, hav­ing been a fan since I was six ( now 35). I was dev­as­tated by the news of his death. One thing that Bowie never was, how­ever, was po- faced. He was well- aware of how his crotch ( you’re right – cod­piece was an er­ror on my part) had be­come a talk­ing point since Labyrinth was re­leased, and I’m cer­tain it both­ered him not a jot.

# WE ALSO HEARD FROM James Kins­ley, Nor­wich As some­one who’s stuck with the mid­dling, bum­bling ad­ven­tures of those Agents Of SHIELD, I was as­tounded to sud­denly be re­warded with one of the most ab­sorb­ing and en­joy­able hours of genre TV in years: the alien plan­et­based Jemma Sim­mons episode “4,722 Hours”. Ut­terly bril­liant! It felt like a self- con­tained movie. SFX Agreed. Def­i­nitely one of the most mem­o­rable episodes, just be­cause it was so dif­fer­ent.

Jon Bower, email Syfy US man­ag­ing to com­mis­sion and air a de­cent, high- bud­get, mod­ern SF se­ries is about as rare as Mill­wall beat­ing Barcelona. But The Ex­panse seems to be dif­fer­ent. So, one may rea­son­ably ask, might we get to see it Blighty? Don’t ask me. I wrote to Syfy US and they didn’t bother to re­spond. So, we’re all in the dark. Mean­while, we can all feast in­stead on such gems as Zom­bies Vs Strip­pers and Three- Headed Shark At­tack. Bliss. SFX We asked Syfy UK but un­for­tu­nately they’re not able to con­firm any­thing at this time. Fin­gers crossed!

David Cook­son, email Thanks for your Time Ma­chine fea­ture on Star­crash in SFX 271! I’d love to see a fea­ture on the 1981 film Con­dor­man. And if you’re feel­ing par­tic­u­larly bold, how about one on The Re­turn Of Cap­tain In­vin­ci­ble ( 1983), an­other guilty plea­sure of mine – es­pe­cially the bit where Alan Arkin and Christo­pher Lee sing a duet! SFX You’re clearly a con­nois­seur of clas­sic cinema, David. Any more re­quests, peo­ple?

Mike Poole, Bex­hill- on- Sea I have one enor­mous prob­lem with John Con­stan­tine on TV. Didn’t like his solo se­ries, and his guest ap­pear­ance in Ar­row was no bet­ter. It’s not his lack of charisma, the need­lessly vague de­tails on his abil­i­ties, or his seem­ing lack of in­ter­est. It’s his bloody tie.

Why does he wear an un­done tie? Hav­ing a sag­ging tie like that makes it look like you had a few too many at lunchtime. But it’s clearly been de­lib­er­ately tied to be like that, as it’d never reach his trousers if he did it up prop­erly. The man is a sar­to­rial dis­grace! SFX Mike, don’t ever watch Columbo – it’d be very bad for your blood pres­sure.

“As you can see, watch­ing episode one dam­ages your brain.”

Get reload­ing for that se­quel, Mr Dead­pool.

All fine ex­cept the pants.

Never to be for­got­ten.

Yes, this is from Agents Of SHIELD in case you’d stopped watch­ing it!

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