In hon­our of Bat­man V Su­per­man, 20 ques­tions with a Vs theme...

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In a nod to re­cent su­per­hero bust- ups, it’s a Ver­sus quiz.

ques­tion 1

Which two star su­per­heroes from DC and Marvel, re­spec­tively, met in a 1976 comics cross­over?

ques­tion 2

Which mem­ber of Des­tiny’s Child was one of the stars of 2003’ s Freddy Vs Ja­son?

ques­tion 3

What’s the name of Scott’s band in Scott Pil­grim Vs The World?

ques­tion 4

Which of th­ese has Mega Shark not faced in a movie? Cro­cosaurus, Mecha Shark, Muta- Ray?

ques­tion 5

What su­per­nat­u­ral en­ti­ties did Cock­neys face off against in the ti­tle of a 2012 Brit hor­ror?

ques­tion 6 pic­ture ques­tion

Which 2015 film was orig­i­nally ti­tled Scouts Vs Zom­bies?

ques­tion 7

Not tech­ni­cally a Vs, which 2011 genre mish­mash brought to­gether a James Bond and In­di­ana Jones?

ques­tion 8

Which long- run­ning su­per­nat­u­ral fran­chise could have been ti­tled Vam­pires Vs Were­wolves?

ques­tion 9 pic­ture ques­tion

Which Os­car- win­ner voiced Gi­normica in 2009 an­i­mated movie Mon­sters Vs Aliens?

ques­tion 10

Which hor­ror leg­end’s fi­nal movie ap­pear­ance came in 1971’ s Drac­ula Vs Franken­stein?

ques­tion 11

Bruce Camp­bell is back fac­ing Dea­dites in Ash Vs Evil Dead. What’s his char­ac­ter’s full name?

ques­tion 12

At Comic- Con 2013, Man Of Steel star Harry Len­nix read an ex­tract from which clas­sic Frank Miller comic book to in­tro­duce Bat­man V Su­per­man?

ques­tion 13 pic­ture ques­tion

Who took the helm of the woe­ful Aliens Vs Preda­tor se­quel, Re­quiem?

ques­tion 14

Who pro­vided the stop- mo­tion ef­fects for 1956 B- movie Earth Vs The Fly­ing Saucers?

ques­tion 15 pic­ture ques­tion

Which 2000 Ja­panese film with a very- rel­e­vant- to- this- quiz ti­tle was pro­moted with this poster?

ques­tion 16

Which iconic cy­borgs got the Vs treat­ment in the early ’ 90s, both in a videogame and a Frank Miller- penned Dark Horse comic?

ques­tion 17

Which 2010 doc­u­men­tary about Star Wars fan­dom sported a rather con­fronta­tional ti­tle?

ques­tion 18

Which 21st cen­tury spy- fi TV show fea­tured the word “Ver­sus” in the ti­tle of ev­ery sin­gle episode?

ques­tion 19

IDW Comics has an on­go­ing se­ries in which the Trans­form­ers take on char­ac­ters from which fel­low Has­bro fran­chise?

ques­tion 20

Who was the first mon­ster to share ti­tle billing with Godzilla in the Toho se­ries? Hint: he’s also head­lined his own movies.

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