Syfy’s new show, Hun­ters, dis­cov­ers a das­tardly alien con­spir­acy afoot.

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Aliens se­cretly plot­ting hu­man­ity’s down­fall? A com­mon theme in SF, but Syfy’s up­com­ing Hun­ters puts a new spin on the old sce­nario. Based on Whit­ley Strieber’s best­selling novel Alien Hunter, the se­ries finds FBI agent Flynn Car­roll ( Nathan Phillips) in­ves­ti­gat­ing the dis­ap­pear­ance of his wife. When he crosses paths with a covert divi­sion of Home­land Se­cu­rity, how­ever, he dis­cov­ers that they have a com­mon en­emy…

“My start­ing point was, ‘ What both­ers me about alien mythol­ogy?’” ex­plains ex­ec­u­tive pro­ducer Natalie Chaidez. “It’s like, ‘ If aliens are here, why aren’t they tak­ing over al­ready? What’s tak­ing them so long?’ I started work­ing back­wards and came up with a mythol­ogy that ex­plained, ‘ What if they were here, but they weren’t su­per- pow­er­ful?’”

Th­ese ex­trater­res­tri­als, known as Hun­ters, may not pos­sess the tech­nol­ogy to oblit­er­ate the Earth with the push of a but­ton, but they are still a for­mi­da­ble foe. They have suc­cess­fully in­fil­trated the hu­man race, af­ter all.

“The Hun­ters are stronger than hu­mans,” says Chaidez. “Their main ad­van­tage is this su­per- pow­er­ful hear­ing. It’s quite im­por­tant to them on their home planet. Sound is not only cru­cial to the Hun­ters’ species, but to the show.

“The Hun­ters are act­ing as a ter­ror­ist or­gan­i­sa­tion,” she con­tin­ues. “They are bomb­ing and steal­ing in an ef­fort to raise money, to what end we aren’t sure. They are com­mit­ting crimes and this unit is chas­ing them.”

Chaidez in­tends to avoid many of the clichés as­so­ci­ated with alien in­va­sion shows. Don’t ex­pect any lights in the sky or crashed UFOs at Roswell. In ad­di­tion, she’s de­ter­mined not to string view­ers along with dan­gling plot­lines…

“The first sea­son is re­ally about un­rav­el­ling who the Hun­ters are, what they are do­ing here, what they want and how do we stop them?” ex­plains Chaidez. “We’re build­ing to­wards a big sur­prise at the end of the sea­son. What you think they want is per­haps not where their true agenda lies.

“I feel strongly about know­ing where the show is go­ing and an­swer­ing ques­tions,” Chaidez con­cludes. “It’s a lit­tle un­fair to not an­swer stuff. The big ques­tions will be an­swered by the end of sea­son one, but an­other big­ger ques­tion will arise as well. Stuff will be an­swered but with more mys­ter­ies to come.”

Hun­ters airs 11 April on Syfy in the US, UK broad­cast TBC.

Nathan Phillips is an FBI agent search­ing for his wife.

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