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The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party on his SF faves

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Favourite SF/ fan­tasy film

The Fifth El­e­ment. It’s the ul­ti­mate sci- fi love story. Ever since I was a kid watch­ing The Jet­sons I’ve al­ways won­dered when the high­ways in the sky will ac­tu­ally hap­pen. Luc Bes­son paints a won­der­ful pic­ture of them in all their chaotic glory. As it turns out, drone lanes will be­come a re­al­ity far sooner. I imag­ine it will be drones, rather than ebooks, that will be Ama­zon founder Jeff Be­zos’s last­ing legacy.

Favourite SF/ fan­tasy TV show

My first ever in­tro­duc­tion to TV sci- fi was The To­mor­row Peo­ple, which I ob­sessed over as a six- year- old. But I guess my favourite ever sci- fi TV show was Blake’s 7 – in which a dys­func­tional group of im­per­fect he­roes strug­gle against an evil govern­ment in­tent on in­ter­plan­e­tary dom­i­na­tion. I’m not sure why that still res­onates, but it does.

Favourite SF/ fan­tasy book

Any­thing by Hein­lein. I’d choose Farmer In The Sky, about a teenager on the fron­tiers of space. But it eas­ily could have been Stranger In A Strange Land, a book about a hu­man raised by Martians who founds a new re­li­gion. Or I Will Fear No Evil – in which two souls share a body af­ter a brain trans­plant.

Guilty SF/ fan­tasy plea­sure

Does be­ing a for­mer Dun­geons & Dragons ob­ses­sive count as a guilty plea­sure? We hon­our the mem­ory of Croth­nor, the chaotic good fighter, who was cru­elly killed off by Dun­geon Mas­ter Andy Robin­son.

Tom Wat­son is the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and can be found on Twit­ter at @tom_ wat­son.

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