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I’m lov­ing the look of this – it’s fun, I al­ready like the char­ac­ters, and it walks the tricky line be­tween mak­ing nods to the orig­i­nal and feel­ing like some­thing dif­fer­ent. Sign me up.


Cap­tures the “feel” of the orig­i­nals pretty well from the mo­ment the mu­sic kicks in, and I love Holtz­mann’s specs. But would it have been too much to hope for a few more jokes?


I didn’t par­tic­u­larly care for the orig­i­nal films and doubt I’ll see this one, but this trailer seems okay, a cou­ple of smiles. Shame the mu­sic didn’t burst into “Ghost­busters!”


Lik­ing the retro stylings of the spooks and it all feels very Ghost­busters. Look­ing for­ward to it! The whole “30 years ago...” thing is a tad per­plex­ing though, given that this is a re­boot.

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